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Rundgren Radio rundgrenradio at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 13 12:40:35 EDT 2009

AWATS updates from Rundgren Radio:

Todd and his management are considering live webcasts of the Akron and Chicago AWATS performances.  If they move forward with this idea, there would be two different packages available:  

1) Both Akron shows.  The first show would be a multiple camera shoot looking at the stage like you would normally get from a concert webcast.   The second show would be more of a behind the scenes deal where a camera would be behind Prairie's drums for example and other unique places.  

2) Both Chicago shows.  Same format as the Akron shows.

Each package would cost around $20-$25 to view.  If you wanted to watch both the Akron package and the Chicago package it would be $40-$50 total.  The only available options would be to get both shows in each of the respective towns --- no one night only options.

Doing live webcasts requires a substantial investment so they are trying to get an idea if there is enough interest out there to present these AWATS gigs.  If they move forward, there will be a replay at a different time that is more suitable for the fans overseas. 

Please vote on the AWATS Webcast Poll and let them know if you are interested or not in the webcast idea!   Cast your vote at www.AWATSlive.com . 

Another AWATS gig was added to the tour and this one will be held at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 9/15/09.  Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.com.

Also, in case you haven't heard, there will be a professional Hi-Def multi-camera video recording of the AWATS gig in Stamford CT!  This recording will be available as a DVD at some point and will feature additional footage to include interviews and other things besides the performance.   If you'd like to be there for the recording, tickets to the CT gig are still available at www.AWATSlive.com.

Thanks and have a great upcoming weekend!

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