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Roger D. Linder roger at RoCeMaBra.com
Sun Apr 19 17:13:22 EDT 2009

>From RundgrenRadio.com:

You might want to sit down for this one …

Odds are extremely high that our Birthday Bash II will feature a Todd
Rundgren concert of the entire AWATS album!

Things are going so well we have found a venue in Akron, OH (about 30-40
minutes drive from Cleveland, but Akron also has its own airport FYI) and
they are holding it for us until we have an answer.  The date of show would
be Sept. 6, 2009 which is the Sunday before Labor Day.  *Please do NOT make
any plane or hotel reservations at this time because everything is subject
to change.*

Because you are a Todd fan that participates in things like the Awizard
list, we are offering you a chance to get in on a pre-sale opportunity for
the best floor seats before we begin serious public marketing and promotion
assuming everything gets finalized and we move forward.

The pre-sale group would only consist of 300 fans and if things go well
overall with this project there would be other perks for these fans.   The
venue has a nice seated theater style setup and the concert would be
reserved seating only.

The pricing for the pre-sale seating is a good bit more than you would
normally pay for a TR concert ticket but this would be a very unique show
and if you are one of the 300 you would always know you played a key role in
making this rumor of an AWATS show become a reality.  As a reminder, if
ticket sales went really well there would be other perks for the group of
300.  Also, one of the reasons we picked Akron was to help defray some of
the expenses for travelers that they would have incurred had we picked a
major market area with big city hotel prices, etc.

We already have 131 fans signed up after reaching out to the fans that have
supported our previous Rundgren Radio sponsored gigs, so don’t delay if you
want in on this opportunity.  We can’t control how long this stays off
forums and sites like MySpace & Facebook now that this letter is out.

If you want to participate or have questions, please let us know ASAP at
rundgrenradio at earthlink.net.


*CruiserMel and Doug
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