[Awizard] Come see Moogy's movie - today 4/24 - Free at the Arlene's Grocery's film fest

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Sat Apr 23 21:53:07 EDT 2005

              Hey Folks- come see my movie, "The Rodnees - We Mod Like Dat"
         It's a rollicking musical comedy starring Moogy Klingman as William 
J. Kapplemeyer, a former stockbroker obsessed with the musical act, "The 
Rodnees". I was lucky to be given the lead role in a film with a large cast, that 
was shot all over NYC. Written and directed by Lindley Farley, you can see this 
film at the Arlene's Grocery film festival. And for Free.

                   "The Rodness - We Mod Like Dat"
          a Lindley Farley movie starring Moogy Klingman. 
See it at the Arlene's Groceries Downtown film festival - FREE 
Sunday, April 24th, 5:30 pm at Arlene's Grocery, 95 Stanton street, 
just below Houston street, near Ludlow st. on Manhattan's Lower East Side. 
                     Bring Friends - It's FREE.

Then join star Moogy Klingman, writer/director Lindley Farley and the Rodnees 
at a post picture bash - at "2nd on 2nd", 23 2nd avenue, between 1st & 2nd 
avenue on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The party starts around 7:30 pm, 4/24,  
right after the movie.








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