review of "with a twist"

by Myk

Right up front I'd like to say that the only "twist" of this tour was likely to be "generating much cash without a lot of overhead." EVERYTHING seemed to SCREAM "BUDGET" which, in of itself, is very wise. But this seemed to have the hidden cloak of greed working somewhere. I just couldn't put my finger on it. (Hopefully, funds for a new project.

I was anxious for my 1st and only Todd convert in 20 years to see Todd at Bogarts in Cinci. I had read the reviews of the 1st leg and was led to believe that the nova flavor was to diminish from the middle of the concert to the end..... I found out otherwise. "Can't stop running" without a conventional drum set is like "Bad for Good" without Meatloaf... and we all know how fulfilling THAT was.

I was as dissappointed with this release as I was with "No World Order". The only thing that saved me was "No World Order Light" followed by "The Individualist" which, in my humble opinion, is digital supremecy. It was a shame that such talented musicians as were seen on the "Tiki" tour were confined to nova all night long. However, I realize he was shooting for the lounge atmosphere (and he also was suffering from a cold) so as a die hard fan I am forgiving in this aspect. What I am not as forgiving about is something in which Todd has no control over: the attitude of his fan base. True, there were the kind, loving folks who strike up a conversation easily in line and friendships are formed as if they have existed eternally. But how do dickheads and assholes listen and relate to Todds music and show up at a concert only to ruin it for the ones who are true to the vision. It seems like the bouncers should be commisioned to oust these inconsiderate stage rushers or kiniving users of their girlfriends to gain closeness to the stage. I first began to notice them during the nearly human ironic.

After the show in an alley behind Bogarts, we waited for a glimpse. There was only about 10 people. And still O.H. couldn't make an appearance. Not only that, nothing was sold to commemorate this historical event.

Again, as a die hard fan, i say to Todd: No problem. Your Art is always appreciated in a world chock full of commercialism. And I can wait for the next c.d./tour to rock. But please don't put us throught that again too soon. I don't know if I could take it.

Oh, and one last thing, Todd: Until you send me my "share the wealth" check, no more railings against capitalism seems to be working out pretty well for you. Hope you are enjoying the Hawaiian climate. And the new convert? He made it!