Review of Cincinnati show

by Mike Weigand

What can I say, another great performance by the king of live shows.

We arrived just in time to see the "patrons" being escorted into their seats at the Tiki lounge which I must say was probably my favorite Todd stage since the "Oops" shows with Utopia. I had a bit of a flashback to those days seeing Kasim (he hasn't aged) on bass and singing those beautiful backing vocals. The band was very tight from the start with the instrumental version of Caravan never sounding better. The crowd erupted when Todd took the stage weilding only his banana, sat down and began singing "I saw the light" . Other highlights of the show were a great version of "Love is the answer", there is nothing better than hearing Todd belt out the "When you needs etc" at the end of that song. I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing Intrigue and Archer which I had never seen done live before (even after approx 20-25 shows).

All in all it was another great show that I hope I get to see again. Maybe a Buffalo date on the third leg so my many Todd worshipping friends there can witness the Individualist doing what he does best.

Time to go bang the drum.

Mike Weigand