Madison Show 2/1/1998

by Mary J. Adams

Hey Gang!

Just got down from cloud nine (and major recovering) to report in on the Madison show. What a great nite. We got a late start, picked up Mike Wedell, & off to Madison. It was raining pretty hard ... good thing it wasn't snow. Got into Madcity, whent straight to the Diner, walked in the door looking for a friendly face & sure enuf sitting at the counter were Dan & Fran from Minneapolis. We sat & ate with them. Others started strolling in. Got to meet Lia with her hot panties for Todd. CLB & Deby Baker & Kurt Boehlein rolled in. I gave Cathy her birthday presents amongst them was a Remo Banana (like Todd shakes during the show) I told her that her mission was to get Todd to sign it ...of which she did after the show! We had a few more drinks then headed across the street for the show.

It was so nice seeing Todd in the Barrymore. It is a rather intimate theatre. It took me back to my childhood when it was known as the Eastwood theatre where we would go to see all the movies (before megaplexes). It even still had the sparkling stars in the ceiling...sigh..Well, anyways there was not alot of people there, quite intimate. Jana & Karl brought James Anthony with to his 1st TR concert. That little guy sure can dance. The 1st set was as I remembered before , opened with instrumental of Caravan. Then Todd came out. He was in good spirits but he was a bit under the weather. You could hear it in his voice for the 1st set. He must have taken too much Vick's Nyquil cuz he screwed up the words on the 1st verse of Can We Still Be Friends? No matter...he & the band got a chuckle out of it. I don't right down set lists or remember them too good...sorry just having to much fun. The comedien that came out after 1st set was quite funny...wish I could remember his name. The second & third set was great. Todd came out in his "warpaint" & sarong, really played to the lounge guests (CLB was one of em) & us down in front. His voice was getting better...wonders what Fosters & Gibsons will do for your throat ;^). Not to mention Lia's panties tucked safely in his sarong (LOL)! As Lia mentioned, TR's 3rd set acustical, he played a wonderful rendition/singalong of You've Got to Hide your Love Away. The usual scene at the bar where the drunk gets the drink thrown in his face & then proceeds to pass out, over the bar, standing up with his ass facing the band. After they shut down the tiki bar the croud continued for at least 5 mins screaming to get Todd & the boys back out again to no avail.

I ran into MaryLou, said Hi & asked her to give Todd the WAT button that I designed since I didn't know if I would be able to see him outside after. No Eyeglasses this tour. BTW, Liz, one will be one the way to you as soon as I get more button supplies ordered!!!

We then headed out back. I wanted to try to get the boys to sign my Twist copy. Kaz was the 1st to come out, he went into the bus, said he would be right out, came out & took off in a station wagon. Bummer, I really would have liked to have met him. Oh well, I met Jesse & he signed my cd. Todd came out smiling, asked us to hang on , went into the bus for a Fosters & a Sharpie, came out sat at on the stairs to the bus to sign stuff, say hi whatever. I got him to sign my cd & FINALLY got my official "Me 'n Todd" photo. I hope it turns out....i'm sure it will. Mark shot off about 3 rolls so I am taking them in today & should have them up on the website this week. I will let you know as soon as I get them up.

After all that we headed down to the Harmony Bar for a few more (as if we needed them!) Chated , said our goodbyes (some only until today!), & headed home. Mark drove cuz he doesn't drink & Mike & I fell asleep dreaming on the way home....dreaming of tonite. 8)

Peace All-
MaryJ & Marky