Love the "Twist"

by MaceGrace

Todd's show in Pitttston at the "Scarecase" was without a doubt the best show I have ever been to. I have loved his music since I was in 8th grade and now at 40 still love it. The Tiki Room idea was great! Very laid back and intimate. One of the reasons I really had such a great time was because I was able to be so close to the stage-it was like being a part of the show. My friend was hoping to get a chance to go on stage but I wanted to be on the floor-dead center to the mic so I wouldn't miss a thing. If you go-be sure to pay attention to what Todd says in between songs. He is really funny. Anyone who wants to see the Billion Dollor version of Austin Powers is my kind of guy! And speaking of guys-Kasmin is a site for the female eye-I found myself looking at him almost as much as Todd!

I couldn't have picked a better song list if I tried. He played every song I love and I really like the new "Todd for the 40 year old" as my friend called it. Some "fans" were complaining about it-tough! A real fan knows that Todd cann't sing "We Gotta Get You a Woman"forever. The jazzesque set was cool too. All and all it was great. I can see why other people who have seen the show want to see it again and again. I do too-esp. to see Kasmin again!

Todd-if you want to really go to an island to relax-go to Barbados. Meet us there May 13th! This will be my 7th time there so I would be happy to show you and the guys around! Enjoy your martini's and keep those cigar bums out!