by Lisa McCumber

On Wed. 2/4 my husband and I, drove to Columbus Ohio to see the show at Mekka...

Great show....the Tiki atmosphere was appropriate for "with a Twist". We had noticed Al the bartender going around on the floor-- to recruit am few people for the show..(we of course did not know at the time), but we decided since we liked the show so much that we would travel to the Cleveland show on 2/10. We arrived early for one reason:

"TO FIND AL".... My husband and I dressed the part as tourists, hoping to be on stage..Thanks to Al it worked!!! We had the best seats in the house... For my husband this was" tits", being a long time fan. We were able to stay on stage for the first two sets.

This show of course was the best!! The music was very tight...Todd was feeling alot better and was able to carry it all out...I'm not sur Kaisam was feeling up to par.....only one mishap with the music, Kaisams' guitar seemed to have been disabled at one point, but not to fear he was up and running in no time.... LIFE IS GOOD !!!

To all Todd fans this is a must see and look for Al if you want the best seats.......

Lisa McCumber
Bellefontaine, Ohio