Twistin in VA - Jaxx - 2/21/98

by Kristy Mullen

Since discovering the WAT Leg 2 schedule 6 weeks ago (Thank You Roger!), we were counting down the days until Todd's stops in Maryland and Virginia. Days became hours and hours became minutes and now I sit here on Sunday night amazed at how quickly the shows went. After being trampled and stepped on (literally) at Daytona's the night before, we were looking forward to one more night of greatness from the Wizard. We were not disappointed. It was cold and a wicked wind was blowing thru Springfield Saturday night. Jay, the owner of Jaxx, took pity on those of us waiting for the doors to open and let us wait inside the lobby. If ever at Jaxx, please look Jay up and tell him thanks again from Kristy for taking such great care of us that weekend!

The place filled up fast with legions of Todd fans. A big banner bearing his likeness hung from the back wall, which of course he crucified during the first set (but you know I think he really liked it!). I looked up Officer Al and learned my role would be that of a flight attendent in the third set. I staked out my spot on the dance floor and waited and waited and waited. Finally the band came on at 9:30 looking ready to go. Kasim seemed in much better spirits than the night before (our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family), and the crowd was psyched! The first set was filled with selections from the With a Twist menu, peppered with Todd threatening to stick his foot down an obnoxious heckler's throat (I would have paid double to see that). Other than that, the crowd was great, very relaxed and polite. Nothing like the surly bunch that seemed to inhibite Daytona's in Maryland the night before.

The Individualist appeared and ushered in the second set. With a spotlight on the fritz, Todd was complaining of feeling like an overbaked plate of Nachos under the hot stage lights. But he none-the- less went thru his own version of Can't Stop Running Aerobics in the second set at one point saying he felt like Tara Lipinski (We gave him a 9.5 for artistic impression). The Hawaiian Wedding music kicked in and I made my way to the backstage area for my third set performance.

Upon being seated by Al at our table, I realized the lapels on my jacket matched the print on the tablecloths and lamp shades of the tiki bar. As the third set started, Todd noticed this too and attempted to negotiate the return of his table ware. He then proceeded to do an excellent acoustic version of Don't Want to Tie You Down. I was floating on Cloud Nine at this point. Anyone who has sat on that stage and worshipped the man and his music as I have will understand when I say this was definantly one of the more elevated moments of my life, and I'm not saying the stage was that high, although I did feel like an overcooked Nacho by the end of the set as well. The rest of the third was as good if not better than the two sets that preceeded it. Todd knodding off in the middle of Synthesize only to be woken up (or would that be aroused?) by Kasim whispering in his ear is always good for a laugh. Alas, Al handed me my "check" and it was time to depart tiki heaven. "A Dream" closed out the evening and as we "flight attendents" were leaving the tiki set, Todd thanked us for helping them out on stage. Helping you out?! It is I who should be thanking Todd for allowing me the experience and for never giving up on what he does best. In a music world filled with over-hyped Pop garbage, I thank god he's still out there inspiring us all.

One more thing - would a Leg 3 be out of the question?

Still Twistin,