House of Blues - New Orleans - 2/26/98

by Ken Foley

The New Orleans House of Blues show was definetly at the "high end" of the scale for Todd Shows of late........this coming from a long time fan (any other kind?) who would put his "Todd and a computer" shows featuring "rappin' Todd" of a few years back at the other end of said scale.

The "theme" was cool and the Bossa Nova treatment of his hits was actually very interesting, due in part to the virtuoso muscians and seemless arrangements. Todd was as usual totally at ease and effortlessly (seems that way anyway) waded through a sea of his songs. He also seemed to take the whole thing a little more seriously than some other shows I've seen over the years. The parade of songs was overwhelming with stops along the way at nearly every solo album and the show running longer than you could hope for. And the lounge lizard Honolulu airport cocktail act setting was convincing.

The only slow parts were some of Todd's Political rambling and the lame comedian schtick between "shows". The only disappointment was Todd not signing an autograph for the 4 people that waited around (having been told he would) afterwards....oh well Kasim came out and filled in. All in All a great Todd gig.

Ken Foley