Atlantic City WAT A Valentine

by Jackie Rae "wolfgirl"

On a whirlwind of flying the skies this week my journey began again, tonight I would see the big Atlantic City ooooh I was so scared to be out of the mid west and back on the East Coast after 17 years. I soon lost my country pumpkin ways and took in the beauty there, tall fir trees beautiful areas and homes, big city stuff too, but nothing as I was a perfect time to be near A.C...and seeing all those big name gambling casinos that bordered the coast line, of what I was told was the Boardwalk.

Pulling up to Trump Marina was like being in Hollywood for me, lights and glass and the most picturisque view of sea and moored sail boats. Inside there was very plush surrounding, those one arm bandits where ringing like a million clocks continuaously going off. And everywhere, I spotted couples dressed up for the Valentine Day/Nights event. Romance and love where in the air I stood outside the Shell Room where TR and the band would play.

In my purse I had a silly little Valentine and a pink toy Football player for Todd.:) But tonight would NOT be the night, to give him this that would wait till New Haven.

This nite must have meant something very special for TR and the band. Here is where With A Twist was in the perfect setting. The Trump Marina stage was big and they had added on to the Lounge set with very tall Palm trees and the effect seemed to make it ever so larger than life!!! The boyzz where spread out more Todd had plenty of room to perform and move, now we would see had hear as it was meant to be. Even Praire would mention later to someone that this is how he had wanted it/should be. (Not, exact quote.)

In the past I personally noted more animation or fun stuff durring the show, but here it seemed it was bit refrained from. TR 's jokes where excellant and when delivered where accepted with much laughter from the audience. So though I noted a sense of reserve tonight from the band, this just enhanced the performance AND every ounce of this night's performance and attention would on Todd. Not only would WAT be presented in its completeness for the High Rollers in attendance but TR's mommy his special Valentine was in the audience as well.:) This too may have accounted for the perfect delivery of his show. He was SO ON!!

Wizzers in attendance where, Lys hats off to her for all the support, our very own Kasser, Loud and Clear and his wife, we shared much before and durring this show, (And L & C MUST review for us please.) and also Russ and Sue our protector and guide for the trip east shared this nite.:) Forgive if I leave anyone out...I'm still groggy.

Todd came out in the most beautiful Red Silk soft and soooo tight that he couldn't turn the stool/chair around and straddleit later on, because it was too tight in the crotch area.:):) Giggle, Giggle we at the front row table center and yes we had to tip $25.00 on top of the $36.00 ticket.:) The sets where same though TR did make several mention mix in Valentines Day and pre-nuptial agreements remarks referring to Trump. We really need Loud & Clear and Russ and Lys to get down on the performace for us here of the songs. IF there is anyway to go beyond the word and concept of the most perfect performance I've seen so far in both legs of this tour. Todd sang his heart out folks.

Caravan, I Saw the Light, Influenza-he melted me to my chair on this one, Can We Still Be Friends, WHMAD- I'm mouthing and singing the words in tears here, Zen Archer, Fidelity-If anyone in the audience had a dry eye and didn't feel this down to the depts of their hearts they had to be deaf, he could have cried himself it was so passioniate, Never Never Land, Love Is The Answer- Was so full of volume and deep tones filling the venue it was perfect for Valentines nite and must have been the song he gave us for that nite. Expresso- Good thing it was next, we need to come up for air. Aaaahhhhhh. MUCH APPLAUSE from the high rollers.

2nd was like seeing it for he 1st time for this large stage with extra enhancements and the fabulous lighting effects where again perfect for the Individualist mask and make-up. Real Man got us sitting up in our seats as we realized even more how TR was giving us his best. Then Lost Horizons was delivered with such feeling I began to move and dance in my chair swaying to the most beautiful song in the world, holding myself as he lifed us up so high how could anyone not cry. Eastern Intrige, Can't Stop running, and Hello Its Me...performed perfectly...again more applause...the audience was captured.

3rd Correct me if I'm wrong here can't remember now. Love of the Common Man, I Don't Want To Tie Ya Down...I'm confused a bit here cause in my mind I thought "I can't believe he'd do, Tiny Demons for this crowd...was I just thinking/wishing it"???? I *know* he did it in New Haven. Anyhowls Kasser and I start singing...we can't help ourselves. Kasser mentions later that he looked down at us and smiled...not sure myself my eyes where closed. The Jam and then I'm So Proud, I Want You and A Dream Goes On Forever I danced again in my chair so softly and yet managed to get my arms to move smoothly through the air while sitting in my chair...I remember at one point eyes closed I carressed my tummy. I was wearing a two piece purple velvet mini skirt and top with a black lace sequence jacket covering it, so in a two piece my tummy showed. Hope TR didn't think I was being lude.

The show ended huge applause and when the lights came up we all expressed our amazement of the show and many comments where made about how we saw the High Rollers enjoying it. Many more hugs and kisses to awizzers as we made plans for the next nights show in New Haven. The boyzz didn't make a public appearance after the show at a bus for autographs or anything this just wasn't the place for it. Though I heard the big High Rollers got special treatment from the Trump Casino and where given back stage passes. I stood out front of the Shell Room looking out these huge tall glass windows at Atlantic City and over the Marina with the many boats up into the sky and I could see the emotionally spent...fighting back the tears as I realized I had just seen the most beautifully perfectly done WAT shows I'd ever see, and perhaps one of the best performances from him I'd ever see in my life. I wish soooo much this could have been video taped for you all to see and/or I was capable of telling you more.

Precious Valentines Day/Eve...
Jackie Rae