Wild New Haven

by Jackie Rae "wolfgirl"

Now New Haven was out of site wild.:):) There was not much energy left in my little body for the fourth show and lots of travel in between but when I started meeting all my awiz friends a burst of energy came to me. Lin Spraque you where thought of and missed by all of us, hope you feel better.

Russ and Sue had joined us again in this fabulous adventure to New Haven we arrived and met the famous Ikon right off the bat he was awesome blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, came all the way from Flordia. Kathy so sweet and cute and Tom, Julia so thank-ful you made it too, and Lia our very famous panty woman, Gina egt and Eric Emily precious and Wacky was there and 451 in his parrot shirt and green and black hounds tooth jacket, for sure best dressed man, I must send ya a ZZ pin. and Rohmer yeah you should have see her red shirt with dragons all over it. Oh and later I met John Hamlin, I know there where more, an Army guy and ahh shucks, speak up I'm half asleep here.:) Anyhowls so many hugs and kisses and licks, I didn't want to stop, like a puppy with a new rubber ball I wanted to chew ya all up.:):)

Now just before we leave to walk to Toad's I have the chance to show everyone my biker pics a few TR and some radio shots. John Fres and Praire Prince are in attendance and we have a marvelous time discussing costume paint jobs bikes. Praire is so talented in so many areas he has even painted/air brushed show quality motorcyclyes. I'm very impressed! And John loves the bikes too...talks about nitro and fuel!! And Al has on his Harley Motorcyle jacket and is up on the Harley Drag Racers I'm in hog heaven.:):)

Heres another exciting moment for me moments earlier. TR is heading for the restaruant and I remember I still have that Valentines day present in my purse. I dash over to him and before he knows what is upon him...surprise I hand him a wild looking hard rubber pink football player with his tongue hanging out. Hee Hee wouldn't you know I'd find one that was a licker.:):) He smiled and kinda chuckled as he pulled out his reading glasses to take a look at the mark on the bottom as I explained it was a toy from when we grew up, by Louis Marx toy company. He asked me if I was collecting them and I said, no but if now that you have one I might. He seemed to think this was cute and laughed. I smiled and headed back over to our group and he went on in to have dinner I assume. What a kick I had with that.:)

Now as we waited outside for everyone to walk together I noticed Praire Prince had on some kind of shirt or sweater with an animal's eye peaking out of it. I know that look...I sniffed him...I looked closer at that furry ear and partial face and new IT WAS A WOLF...a furry one I pulled his jack open wide and there it was!!! I lost all control of myself and began wildly kissing licking Prairie's sweater. Praire said something about getting lipstick on it so I stopped...it was hard though, and later after the show it happened all over again.:):) He told me he got the sweater in JAPAN...I've got to get one!!! I love that Wolf head...its eyes lear at yeah...whoaaaaaaaaa.

Ok next we all meet up at the Pizza Place near Toads and a chance to relax and enjoy one anothers company for a bit. Lia was there and had her RED panties with her...man did they get a work out later at the show.:):) Phew...hot stuff everybody was in em. Lia where are you...now tell everyone about this, they where practically the star of the show.:) As I recall Todd played with them alot and Jessie even hung them on his guitar oohhhh baby.

Toad's is out of site pics of rock stars hanging all around the walls, strong drinks great sound and BLACK LIGHTS YES rows of black lights above the stage. This was going to be one crazy nite. Wizzers where all lined up together at the front of the stage. Kasser was on one side of me, Hesami my long time Japanese girlfriend on the other. Lia and Lys and John Hamlin behind me he is so tall and handsome, John451 just behind Lys, Ikon and EGT and sweet wonderful Julia with magnificant necklaces on beside her...Rohmer and several folks who came up to say hi, off and on durring the show. I was wearing my dragon necklace with perfume so I had to share this with Julia and everyone we where all so happy to be together. Sorry if I've missed someone here.

I'll hit the highlights here of the show...since I covered the set list in Atlantic City earlier, someone else share their list impressions. I was so into being carried away by seeing everyone and soaking up every move Todd and the band made this show, I was out of my wolfie head once the show started. Tonight the guys let it all hang out so to speak and the whole show was energized and had that sharp attack to it. At one point I had danced so much I had to peel my T-shirt off. As everyone has said in the past it is hot in there. Hope I didn't shock anyone I had a black turtle neck on underneath and zebra spotted skin tight overhauls with suspenders on. So I was still dressed.:) I did a slow motion statue dance to Lost Horizon wish I could have seen that cause it felt really good. Lia and I kept holding on to each othere and dancing in unison that was fun...we are the same height and must of looked so cute together.:) Tiny Demons was EXCELLENT...I loved TR on this one.

Oh Oh wait before I wrap this up...the Black lights...they came on at the 2nd set and so I grabbed my white T-shirt and put it back it on. We all had funny freckles and green teeth and everyone's clothes looked so kewl. So I turned around durring much of this set and used my back to make a Joker Face on my T-shirt move up and down. Wonder what the guys thought of that, it had to look creepy in those black lights.:):) Oh and the biggest highlight of all for me was when the girls started doing a wolfie howl...my ears perked up...and I looked over at all my friends with tears in my eyes...I was so surprised they'd howl with me. It sounded so kewl...in unison like that. Todd's little wolfpack was calling him and Kasim and Prairie and John and Jessie to come back. Ahhhhhh, we love them. And now, here comes the Elvis tunes "Take my hand....."

Thanks so much to ya all for mading this one of the most exciting shows I've ever experienced.

I left my voice at Toad's.:):)
Horse but happy,
Jackie Rae