The Odeon

by Jackie Rae "Wolfgirl"

Biker Jack says, wolfgirl is a lightweight she can't keep up with all of this, teasing me.:) He sure knows me well, I'm knocked out from three days of little sleep, travel, lack of decent food and pouring every once of energy left into the two Cleveland Shows, oooh baby they took the best of me.:) I'll review two shows here so and try to catch some highlights from what I perceived and can remember.

The Odeon is actually a Concert Venue, must have been an old theartre with a Balcony above. I noted long thin bar tables attached to the walls running on both sides and bar stools to sit on. When I 1st walked in I noticed this huge open wood dance floor and I was all excited. Look at the size of this dance floor its open like a ball room...but its really opened up for a standing room concert event.:):) DING!

1st nite out Barb and Dennis, Izzat Love, Diane who noted I might get wild, and her secret friend, shared Kasim side of the stage with me and my traveling buddy *hugs* Britt. (Thanks for taking such good care of this little traveler.) We where all right up front and I was just under TR's mic stand, wearing my mood shirt, expressing I hate traveling especially when plans are dished like Louisville, what a hassle. So I'm wearning my cranking snarling slavia dripping sharp fanged Wolf shirt its a huge head and the fangs are huge too! I could of swore just before TR started to sing "You're all prettier than all the world...he looked down at it and bust out laughing". Course I could be imagining anything with the jet lag trip.

All the boys in the band came out and kicked off with Caravan sounded tight too. TR comes out and they kick off with the ususal I saw the Light. His voice is still a bit weary but it warms up later on in the show. Many times he had to back off lyrics and pick up later and durring Real Man Kasim takes over and his voice is so strong sounding the crowd cheers in awe. You could see the light shining in Kasims eyes as he soaked in the attention. Prairie Prince was especially on Mon nite...I think he must have been in a really fun spirit at one point in the show he split a drum stick near the top it appeared and with perfect aim he tossed out in the crowd toward us and Britt reaches out as if in slow motion and catches it. You should have seen her face as she held the drum stick, as if she couldn't believe her eyes. Lucky girl.:)

The surprise of the nite of couse was hearing "Hammer in my Heart" backed with "Tiny Demons". He hit us with a soft Hammer and we all loved it. Demons was performed in reference to his flu/cold and sounded perfect. I like the Scat number and while Todd was at the bar commenting to the patrons a marathon jam took place. Jessie went off into whirlwind of jazz and latin style playing...I couldn't help remembering my last Toddbot III post and yelled up on the stage "He's possessed, possessed.:):)" Then came John on the keys, he was hot soooooo hot that I yelled up there "You're inside John" "Inside"....and he was he had a caught a wave and was inside riding it out.....oooooh baby probably best I've ever heard him and boy was he in a great mood too. Improv can be so much fun.:) We had some great patrons both nites and drunk scene was always my highlight...hats off to ya.

Seems before I knew it a Dream goes on Forever started and the show was over...however I was just starting to get my second wind. So when Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" came on I was cooking...couldn't stop dancing to it and yelling Elvis Forever, Elvis Forever. I'm sure the Cleveland crowd must have thought I was Drunk on my ass...but I just love Elvis, he's bigger than God or the Beatles *pinch* well I took to him long before they popped up. Oooh baby....let me be your Teddy Bear.

Any howls went outside and caught Praire Prince what a charming down to earth guy I really like him.:) Talked about the Tubes and if he'd be playing with them. He didn't play that gig in Indiana and it sounded like things haven't worked out yet. Who knows? Somtime here Mary Lou and TR slipped out and got in the Limo. Then a soft aroo creeagroewooo caught my attention. Britt called it a howl...but I just knew I heard something...hehehe aah TR could barely howl.:):) Looked over and said; how'd TR get past me, he was signing autographs...I walked over and lightly shook his hand...noting it appeared he hadn't seen a Doc yet for that flu...teasing him of couse. And he mentioned he hadn't had time because of the tour schedule..of which I replied excuses, exuses and laughed stepped back and he did some more fan autographs. What a sweet guy.:)

Next nite, a bit more refreshed myself and ready for a exciting nite I met Frank who was there for his 1st TR show. I wonder if it was Frank from the list, because he was with another wizzer who never told me his name...and I think they where both pulling my wolfie leg.:):) I've been woundering if they where going to post about Cleveland so I'd know. Well maybe they have not recovered yet from the many times I stepped on there toes that nite or bumped into them bouncing and jumping and being just plain silly as I danced half the nite. I'm sure footed most of the time...but people kept passing beer BOTTLES up to the front of the stage and would set them there....I pick them up and set them on the floor in front of me. As the nite wore on what a collection...and I'd find myself stumbling on them and knocking them over. (My coat was beer soaked by the end of the nite a stream must have gathered along the front of the stage.) Anyhowls, guys thanks for watching out for me I needed it...and I loved our conversation before the show started. You guys where so kewl.:)

Anyhowls TR comes out and Holy IKONS its a miraculous recovery..his voice was almost back to full strength...he must have been pacing/saving it last nite what a pro. Hitting the highs; boy was he a happy guy too, really seemed to be energized Tuesday nite. It was a knock-out show from stop to finish the only thing I noticed was it seemed Lucky Guy was cut short. But what a beauiful version of I Don't Want To Tie You Down. Have Mercy...I was so moved by it...couldn't help but cry. What a performance throughout the show, and tonight the band was getting down to business and having a blast doing it. You folks who went please fill in here and carry the review...this show deserves some detail, and my post is getting long. At some point TR durring the time he is doing the falling asleep skit, he was snoring and making some sort of noise...and it reminded me of Janis Joplin yep...and I did a Janis vocal cry and then yelled something about Jimi and Janis...who knows what else I said here? :):)

This show ended way too quick for us...thats for sure. Again I was wound up and had another Elvis is in my head/body experience, when who should walk up EVA 7 from the awiz list. *hugs* yeah...Boy is she a brave woman.:):):) Elvis was still going, so couldn't stop and thinking I'd catch her at the end of the song...poof she was gone. I hope I didn't make a bad impression, I don't get out often so I have all the fun my little body can stand.:):) Close to a FULL MOON tooo.

Arroooooooo! Outside the bus was waiting...had a chance to ask Jessie what brand his Classical guitar was...I have two. And he said something Kewikie? that it was Japanese and hard to pronounce thanked him and Prairie for a great show...and walked over to Mary Lou who was standing with TR as he meet folks and gave out autographs. Mentioned to her about the guitar and how to pronounce it. She could pronounce it!! Laughed a bit and said it was one of his guitars, and that he was just teasing me. Then I was looking at Todd and for some reason I looked down as his Tennis Shoes....I'm not sure what came over me but those sneakers looked so cute and small to me that I squealed...."Oh what little feet" and kneeled down to take a look, soft black suede ones saying Oh what cute little feet." Mary Lou said, "You mean my feet" and I looked over at her's and then said no Todd's little feet. Todd pulled up his pant leg and said its just my pants leg covering them up. I patted his foot and well feeling like a total ding stood up and backed up smiling and saying ahhh no little feet they are so cute.:):) Its that Full Moon coming. *pinch* TR steps back abit and says "Wuffie", and smiles. Then they head over to the bus, and we all wave good-byes.

I'm sure I'll remember more for ya at a later date or when someone posts more about Cleveland to help me. *Hint* *Hint* Didn't mean to forget anybody *pinch* me if I did. Oh and Al and Eric where really charming bar persons....nice guys.:)

Still catching zzzzzz's as I can and dreaming, Jackie Rae.