TR concert 2-10

by Jack McCumber

After seeing" with a twist" a week prior, my wife and a I decided to take a three hour ride up to Cleveland to see the show. We entered the hall the first person to come into focus was good old Al, having been to this tropical paradise before, I knew that Al was the man to see for a really good seat. We were treated to seats at the front of the bar along with 10 or so delighted fans, take it from a long time, big fan, this was a kodak moment. the band came out one at a time and went right to it.

Todd came out in a shark skin suit ,complete with martini socks. The first set was rich with songs from the past and not so past. I really enjoyed the comedian during the first intermission,( and I was in the front row). The second set featured the" individualist "complete in the now traditional wrap skirt ; and I agree, it is the RA vest, after a whirl wind ride through some really complex stuff, Todd disappears in a cloud of smoke. The third set was a group sing along with again many old, and not so old songs.

The show was a mixed bag of tropical favorites, four **** stars to the tiki lounge staff and to the band, and to TR, -- " well you know that you are!!!!"

Jack McCumber

Bellefontaine, Ohio