Orbit Room Todd Show

by Jeff Armstrong

Another great show from the "Wizard".

It was a perfect night. The Orbit Room was a theatre, probably built in the late 70's, in Grand Rapids Michigan. If they open the balcony it would probably hold 1500 people. Well, on this night the balcony was closed. This left Todd and the Band on stage with about 700 of his biggest fans from west Michigan, up-close and personal. A group of 6 of us walked in 2 minutes before the lights went down, only to find that a few friends were on stage and were going to be part of the show. We got a drink and were able to move to the front of the stage with ease. Most people were at the tables further back (by the bar) The place was beginning to fill up, but there were many late arrivals.

The set list sounds very similar to previous shows.The vocals were CRISP, and the music was TIGHT. It didn't take long to get into the "swing" of things. Starting with an instrumental version of Caravan, to intro Todd, Then three GREAT sets from the Archives!! It was great to SEE and HEAR Kasim with Todd, live again!!

My Favorite of the show was "Eastern Intrigue", one of a few he played from the 1975 release, "Initiation". I could go on and on about the various tunes, and the great night that was had by all, but that has been done in earlier reviews. The bottom line was that it was a great theatrical show put on by one of the masters. It just goes to show you, Todd always has at least one more trick up his sleeve!!

A GREEAAT SHOW!!! Don't miss this if you are a Todd or An Utopia Fan. By the way, I bought the album,WAT, The day after the show.

Jeff Armstrong
Holland, MI