Columbus, OH at The Mekka

Again a spectacular show. Things started off with a nice upbeat rendition of "Caravan". Ever notice the lead guitarist has a amazing similarity to Todd in appearance? When the band came out before Todd, everyone thought .... well you know....The Mekka was a suprisingly nice venue for Todd & the band. Basically it's an old warehouse in an old industrial area near downtown. The sound was great, and anywhere you went you had a good view. Like the rest of the tour the evening consisted of 3 sets and ended when the drunk at the bar fell asleep. The band sounded great, harmonies were on key and the percussion-rythm was "tight". If I had to pick a favorite of the evening it would have to be the medley "I'm So Proud" The audience certainly enjoyed it, swaying, dancing and singing to the music. "Real Man" seemed to be one of the audience favorites too! All in all, another great show. Left looking forward to Todd's next engagement here.

Dan Heller