by Britt Leah Curley

Jen and I decided to go to Ziggys rather on a whim monday afternoon. Both of us being bored single gals, we thought it would be a lark to live a little and do something totally impulsive. I'm so glad we did :)

Winston Salem, a fairly small town was hopping with a basketball convention. The whole feeling in the city was one of excitement and anticipation, not at all what I'd expected.

Ziggys was rather a shock to me. It was basically an enlarged house.....seemed to be about 2/3 the size of Jaxx and Jaxx was one of the smaller clubs I have seen on the east coast. The staff at the club were very nice but the conditions were less than ideal...there was no backstage at all and the loading area was a sea of inches deep mud. The stage was very cramped and Kasim and Prairie found themselves crossing the front of the stage rather than leaving by the left at the end of each set. It was also only about 4 inches high.

Jen thought it would be a neat idea to show the boys some southern hospitality and get them each their very own pair of thong panties. It took me a few minutes to consider the idea....but when I finally did, I must admit we jumped in with both feet.

The show was great...the band got off to a sluggish start but as Todd came out there almost seemed to be a mental regrouping and the energy started flowing. The 450 people made Ziggys seem full without a tremendous amount of crowding. Highlights of the show musically were 'Can't Stop Running' and 'Individualist'. The whole tone of the show was one of a LOT of fun....one of the reasons for that will follow ;)

As I mentioned before Jen had suggested this panties idea and we decided to have a little fun with it. Having had the luck and kind assistance to get each band members panties artfully arranged onstage befrre the show made things just a little easier. For anyone interested we picked out a black lace pair for Todd, a bright red tassled pair for Kasim, a plain leopard print for Jesse, a sheer black and red pair for John, and a teal leopard print for Prairie. The show went from fun to quite amusing when Todd came out, spotted his panties and exclaimed 'Yes!' As the band members eash spotted their panties, much laughter and between song comments ensued, finally culminating just before 'BTS' as Todd polled each band member and had them show off their panties. He seemed to take a particluar interest in Kasim's 'vegas showgirl' ones and even sang a bit of the old song 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'. Ah if ONLY there was a videotape of this one ;)

What a great time we had for an impulsive trip! Course this geting wild and getting thong panties for the band could color my nice, quiet, sedate, reserved concertgoer reputation.