by Synchro

I have hearing problems caused by exposure to loud music. I have not seen anything live by anyone since 1989. I went to Slims tonight, thinking I might have to leave.


This show was NOT all bossa nova, although it "flavored" the evening. This show had Todd in a vocal quality I have never heard from him (and I saw him at least 30+ times between 1971 -1989). His instrument has matured with a new sense of character.

Prairie Prince is an incredibly versatile drummer/percussionist and can use brushes with the best of them. Plus - NO drum stool.

Kas provided good bass (all fretless) and excellent bgnd vocals.

Ferenzik hides his presence in the band, which is just what he should do. He sings well, he plays even better. He adds subtlety and never draws attention. SUPERB.

WARNING: If you are going to see this show and enjoy the surprise element, stop reading right now.

What a set list! 3 sets. Each different, including attitude and dress. Set one, straight off WAT, sleazy, lounging clothes and excellent versions of the lp tunes. Prominent use of a rhythm machine. Highlight: Never, Never Land. Lowlight: Fidelity. Good, but I hate the concept of the song and can't get past that (true love may not demand fidelity, but it sure as hell has a right to expect it).

Set 2: Todd comes out in sarong and rainbow vest behind a full-body Tiki Totem. Many songs use electric guitar and are far removed from Bossa Nova. This is a stripped down early Utopia, playing the essence of the tunes without all the trappings. Voice holds up and gets better. Highlight: The Individualist (which I HATE, until now).

Set 3 starts with TR doing Love of The Common Man solo, grows into a hybrid BN/ retro thing. Ends with A Dream Goes On..

I want to write so much more, but Newton needs a walk and I must work tomorrow. I took about 40 digital photos, Bashful and I will try to cut and paste and post to a temp web site by tomorrow night. I'll send URL when it is up.

I enjoyed meeting many list members. If you are thinking of skipping this because you think WAT is shallow, retread, DON'T. He did Born To Synthesize, Real Man, half the soul medley, Lost Horizon, Lucky Guy, Espresso, The Individualist, and many more. The addition of bkgnd vocals to the newer stuff made it soar. He also did Eastern Intrigue. I wish I had written down the sets, but I was too busy with the camera in dim light. I am sure I will remember more t'mow, but wanted to post right away.