by Ron Hromoko

nice seated venue. a no smoking policy & a high ceiling provided a super well-ventilated gig. the keswick is an old movie theater with a gentle inclined slope like the copa room from atlantic city last year.

set one was uneventful, and completely enjoyable. 'influenza' was worthy of mention, grooving hard and going over well with the locals.

the local comedian between sets is usually left out of these reports, yet the gem which entertained us tonight is fully worth mentioning. perhaps in his sixties, born and raised in south philly, this guy had a fast pace, a bad tux, and a head full of hairspray. what was his name??

set two is always more unique. TR-i hits the stage in black curving war paint [looking like a cirque du soleil clown], his blond crop pulled up into a bam-bam pigtail. cool gene simmons look when the patrons get the tongue from totemed TR-i.

the stage is big enough for dancing around, and T takes full advantage. lots of lyrical gesturing illustrate the messages. boxers at a maximum, ladies.

set three is cool and calculated. 'born to synthesize' is the band's chance to let loose. try to catch all the obscure references. i can't keep track.

set three is usually occupied with patrons made up of mostly females, though the rambunctious male drunk remains for the obligatory facial. todd teases the womenses about being the special flight attendants just in from singapore. hey guys, what was with that erotic dance during 'i want you'?

after the show, TR-i entertained the faithful at the bus; signing, shaking and smiling. i promise todd i never dated his sister.

i can hear them calling please come home