Maddies - Frazer, PA - 11/22/1998

by Tom Pierron

I read the other review and I thought I would add a couple things. A couple up front held up a sign which he read and commented: "My ass and your lips have a date" It was good hearted fun. At first Todd seemed a little drunk to me. Yes, there were mistakes here and there, and Todd made fun of them as he was having fun. I almost thought he was being a little too unserious. His between song quips were great.

But when the trio got down to bossa nova, it was much more than I expected. I wouldn't even call it bossa nova. I would call it the re-vamping of a few songs. And very impressively done! He was definitely not drunk! The crowd was a tad rowdy. Evidently, they had imbibed. During "Born to Synthesize" someone let out a yell that fit right in, I thought, till the unexpected turn in the song the players had hit us. The yell from the crowd made it a bit anti-climatic unfortunately.

The band was tight and good. Todd's voice is right there! I haven't seen him for maybe ten years, since at the Phila. zoo. And for being 50 years old, I noticed no loss whatsoever! I only wish I could have heard him do #1 Lowest like others said he did at other places.

I was right up front on the side where "bongo boy" was. My listening came from the monitors. But the volume was so palatable. While he was playing a "quiet" song, I could actually hear the sound of my camera's lens coming out when I turned it on! And another funny thing, I had a roll of 24 400. Only about six shots came out in focus. Three of four for the trio! Strange. I know to hold the camera very still when I turn off the flash. But I'm glad to get what I got.

Tom Pierron