Ballard Firehouse - November 14, 1998

by Shirley Lyn Thistlethwaite

just back from seeing todd at the firehouse in seattle. did not see anyone i know in the crowd and no one approached me at the bar with the line "hello..woman..i saw..can we..bang" so i did not recognise any awizards either. anyway i'm glad i had the opportunity to see todd. while some may bemoan the false starts, flubbed changes and continual show stoppage for laptop troubleshooting, i feel lucky that as a fan, i am able to see todd perform live. this is part of his musical career and part of my "career" as a fan.

how many bands/artists would you give anything to see at 30+ years into their musical development? even with some false starts, flubs, etc. i guess i'm just not of the purist's mind who would prefer to have only memories of shows past. any show i would see now or in the future would never change one bit of the way i felt about shows of years past.

some funny moments from tonight:

during compassion, the roof started leaking on to the piano causing todd to stop the song and restart saying "i'll *try* not to let it *distract* me". during love is the answer, we got an extra lyric: "godammit!" because the pesky microphone stand would not cooperate.

during one world, the acoustic broke a string and todd threw it down noisily, picking up the electric guitar to continue the tune. it was perfect - like the song had too much power pop to stay inside that acoustic guitar. the audience loved it.