The Edge, Paolo Alto, CA

November 11, 1998

by Ron Hromoko

keep the good, leave the bad. take a few of these...

appropriately, roger linder is right at home on the mac as master stenographer at the edge tonight. the opening rap goes a lot smoother than last night, then the opening toons ring clear.

what a difference a day makes. todd sounds good, and more controlled than the schlock we heard last night. the pace is slower, and the voice is unusually stronger without a rest day.

some sound is uploaded when TR plays a hearty

floodlights light up the crowd upon the chorus, "Hey!"

todd turns down the volume all the way on the green monster to practice the chords [and the dance moves] before he plays an unaccompanied

we're instructed to imagine the solo as TR plays rhythm.

satan has an electric coffin tonight. it give us

is perfect with the electric piano sound. finishes the mostly-flubless piano set. yougoboy.

TR brings out his compadres in crime: jesse gress, and for one night only, special guest prairie prince! pp carries out a small bongo set and some shakers, setting them up to todd's right, jesse to the left as usual. jesse teases again with opening riff of

is played by jesse as it was saturday while todd fiddles with roger.

usually whenever jesse gets choice, he plays

which sounds good with pp's bongos in a sort of uplugged WaT redux. has slowed considerably since saturday. good thing. TR points a video camera at prairie, shooting the result on a large screen to the rear of the stage for TR video director then moves the tripod over to shoot jesse for the two-guitar which had a notably awesome guitar solo. todd then shoots his head from the right side looking up, singing into the mic, making funny faces while working the veteran banana. though the threesome looks great on front stage, the crowd is enamored with the huge video screen watching TR move back and forth for the ending "ay ay yay yay"s. jesse ends it prematurely. has picked up to the tempo from WaT, thankfully. a great ends the set proper. prairie, jesse and todd all hug on stage, then leave roger alone typing for a few minutes [i felt like i was clapping for roger for a second] before todd comes back with prairie only for another interesting which everyone seems to love. enjoy the novelty when it comes to your town.

todd finishes knowing his limits, and that the piano has truely been satan these past few shows. so, the takamine gets the nod for

everyone claps at the ending chorus, which todd gets into, getting low and extending it a bit longer than usual. the guitar falls off the back sausalito style.

everyone agreed this was a great show, orders of magnitude better than last night. the crowd was mellow and todd-aware. TR was relaxed, perhaps more so because of master stenographer linder's command of the mac. todd appeared to genuinely enjoy the bossa nova accompaniment including prairie, and having fun with the toys and instruments on stage.

...the sweeter memories

come on, pretend like you're in a lenny kravitz video