by Ron Hromoko

tonight's second randomly smattered show in seattle was great for two subjective reasons. first, my humanitarian buddy kurt was selected as stenographer. second, my favorite todd rundgren song was played.

after -no dialtone- stalled connectivity on stage, we connected and todd started the chat process for our horned Turkey Boy to give blow- by-blow to the global underwriters. todd asks kurt if he ever gets a rash from The Helmut.

todd's wearing a new white/orange sarong tonight with the sleeveless bathing beauty top, quite a contrast from last night's gray sparkly button shirt and brown dinner jacket.

are schweet, though 'inspiration' is a struggle. are good, but nothing like palo alto. jesse comes out to take QTVR pictures, and todd hits -record- and begins to play but forgets how it goes. instead, a complete is captured before going to the piano for a uncommonly good a ceiling drip on todd's head has him looking up often during a vocally above-average ends the piano session, then jesse is introduced and plays a complete and the introduction to for a bit while TB and TR work on the mac. then, jesse starts something that todd recognizes and starts to play on the piano. goes for two verses and a bridge with guitar and piano together, then todd's mind share runs out for the chorus. but, jesse keeps going and contorts his fingers into a mess across the neck, crossing right hand over left at times to play the bass notes. this was just freakin outstanding and the highlight of the six shows i've seen. [editor's request: lin, please tell me wtf jesse did with his fingers]

since todd then gave jesse a choice, he of course picked

which sounds great when everyone started clapping on two & four at the ending chorus. is perfect, as is the bridge now sounds rehearsed and clean. includes 'unnecessary zoom' with the apple camera shown on the Incorrect Media monitor. ends the set and todd takes a short break. kurt's up by himself, typing and securing his Horns from falling off. encore toons: *again* breaks the freakin G. wtf is up with this string? TR throws the takamine down and again finishes with p-project. is slow and steady. actually, it's real slow. this is good. todd flirts with the edge of his voice, and pulls it off.

tonight's performance was better than last night. the TRTV chores take a lot of time, but these are great shows, & great 'late model' todd doing all old material. get ready east-coasters for the Two Week Wonder Random Smattering Tourlette.

i hate you internet... and yet, i love you romo