The Roxy Theater - Northampton, PA - 11/21/1998

by Russ Monaghan

I would like to post the setlist for the Northampton show but my tapeplayer decided to stop working right in the middle of the first song. Which bummed me out for the rest of the show. But as I remember the set list was in line with the other shows.

The Roxy is a great venue to see a show. When you first turn down the Main street all you can see are blinking lights fro the marquee. It is and old art deco theater restore to its original greatness. What a beautiful place to see a show. There's not a bad seat in the house. The opening act was,well lets see different. It was one guy playing a guitar and the other playing his hands. You know making sounds by squeezing his hands together to make musical notes. My mother use to smack me when I was young for making those same sounds.

Then Todd came on making note of the beauty of the hall. I liked this show. There where a few mistakes but all and all not a bad show. The computer was running but Todd kept telling us that there where not to many people in the chat area. The hit of the night was when he told us to remind him to take his glasses off and to hydrate. It seems he always forgot to do both all the time. Yes there was that one person in the crowd who kept yelling "Play Hello Its Me Todd" but after a while he asked the crowd to police ourselves and said a rolled up newspaper would solve the problem. Also they sold popcorn and drinks and the smell of popcorn filling the hall made this a show to remember

Maddies' setlist was already noted. Maddies is a restaurant, bar, hotel and concert hall all rolled up in one neat little package. The only problem was it was a little to hot and smokey for me. After this show I really could appreciate a sit down venue. As noted before the fans where a little loud but seemed to appreciate Todd in fact someone in the crowd welcomed Todd home and I think he liked the gesture.

This show was no way near as good as Northampton. Really a lot of mistakes by Todd. We where told that Todd was having dinner before the show started and I was wondering if Todd had a few to many Fosters during the meal. At one point he tried to blame John and Jesse for the mistakes and without saying a word both let him know that it wasn't them. Todd was in a very talkative mood during this show. Wanting to talk about everything from Ken Starr's sex life to Bob Dylan's concerts. Jesse kept the show rolling by staring to play the next song and Todd followed right along with him.

So I was wondering is it the fact that he may not practice for the shows or just a little to much good times that make him mess up during a show.