Intermedia Art Center - Huntington, NY - 11/28/1998

by Russ Monaghan

Well the small but loyal New England contingency John(451), proactive kathy, Sue and I left Saturday morning for a fun pack weekend to Long Island.

The IMAC is a old theater converted into a arts center not a bad seat in the house. Even thought it was a seated venue it was still general admission. So the ever dreaded standing in line did occur just after dinner at a Irish pub just across the street

The two hour wait was rewarded with some great seats third row center with the way the seats in the IMAC are slanted toward the front of the hall we were eye level with Todd. All in all not a bad show. Some minor lapses of memory on certain songs but well worth the the trip. The show was not on line because the house was not aware that he needed a phone line and again a pano was not take. I'm three for three as far as that goes. It was short show somewhere in the 90 min. range Todd made comment about being the last show and he couldn't wait to get back home. He also sounded like he was coming down with a cold.

I haven't had time to get the setlist together but will do so later.

After the show it was time for a little partying so we headed off the a local bar J.T. Carrington's for a few brews. It was 2 for 1 for all ticket holders from IMAC. After a few request for Todd songs to the d.j a great time of singing, dancing was had by all. The party broke up about 1:30 am and it was time to head back to the motel.