Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY - 11/24/1998

by Rick Bartz

A really good show. Me thinks Todd got drift of the "Missed Aches" thread, because the entire evening was one beautifully done, well played, vocally soaring, lyrically intact performance. #1LCD was extremely satisfying, humor was well delivered, acoustics were great, even the dreaded Satan's Coffin was interupted only twice by Bi-Polar Bob.


Todd donning spectacles, says, "Get used to seeing me this way, until they come up with the correct laser procedure to shoot into my eyes."

Lucky Guy
I Don't Want To Tie You Down
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Bang the Drum)
Zen Archer
There Goes My Inspiration
One url'd

Thanks to Cyndy for stenographing, I had to shake TR-i off when he looked over my way. It's important for me to pay attention to the performance so's that he don't ferget his words, etc...