Trump Marina - Atlantic City, NJ - 11/27/1998

by Lee McClellan

We were able to go see Todd last night in Atlantic City. "The Shell" only held 600 people so it was nice and small. We were only a couple of feet away from him. Did not see many awizzers but it is always interesting to meet non-awiz fans. Anyway, Todd came out in leather PANTS and SHOES, which was a surprise. The songs were:


Lysistrata, There goes my inspiration


Black and White


Hide Your Love Away
Hammer In My Heart
I Don't Want to Tie You Down


Too Far Gone (at this point Todd had an epiphany with his pants, they were clinging to him and the piano seat. He then knocked over his drink onto the piano. He wondered if Jack Jones did gigs like this.)
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Free, Male and 21 (Free, Male and 51 for Clinton.)

With Jesse

Drunken Blue Rooster (which was recorded for TRTV)
Lucky Guy

With Jesse and John Ferenzik

Can We Still Be Friends
Never, Never Land
Bang The Drum (Hawaiian style)
I Saw The Light
Born To Synthesize
Eastern Intrigue
I Want You
Dream Goes On Forever


Love Of The Common Man (I finally heard it live ;-) )
Viking Song
Hawking (excellent ending)

All in all it was a good time had by all who attended. The show was a little over two hours with very little interruptions. As I said, the people we were with thought the show was great, and for one couple it was their first Todd show. They didn't know about WAT, which I wrote down on a napkin for them so they wouldn't forget. Nobody around us was disappointed. It definately wasn't a day for electric guitar, however, but I'll hear that the next time. He was in a good mood and so was the crowd. - Lee