Ballard Firehouse - Seattle, WA - November 14, 1998

by Larry Leveen

Holy cats -- just returned from a really great show! Todd really laid it on thick with the soul tonight. Jesse was great too. Highlights of the show was Todd playing the song my friend and I wanted to hear the most -- Lysistrata! The WAT stuff sounded way better live than on the CD -- lots of soul, again. Other tunes, not full list, in no special order:

Love of Common Man
Bang the Drum (Hawaiian version :)
Viking Song
Never Never Land
Black and White
I Want You
Can We Still Be Friends (not on piano, so he didn't screw it up :)
There Goes My Inspiration (awesome!)
Mated (I saw couples cry during that one)
Lucky Guy
Free, Male & 21
Love is the Answer
One World (show closer)
Hawking (the encore -- it was spectacular!!!)

I know I'm missing a few - probably from WAT. Anyway, I am psyched that he came to the Northwest and putting up with the rain while on line outside and dealing with the inevitable loud, drunk jerks was worth it. The show really was the best in recent memory and totally blew away last year's Seattle and Portland gigs which waxed amateurish at times.

The Man in the Skirt can sing, y'all!

Hope you get to see him too....

Larry Leveen
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