Club Caprice

November 8, 1998

by Lani Hanson
Set list only:

1.		Love of the Common Man
2.		Cliche'
3.		Play this Game
4.		... Hide your Love Away
5.		Hammer in my Heart
6.		I Don't Want to Tie You Down
7.		Viking
8.		Can We Still be Friends
9.		Too Far Gone  (partial)
10.		Compassion  (partial)
11.		Free Male & 21
12.		Drunken Blue Rooster (Jesse on guitar to the bridge -- partial)

Bossa Nova set:
13.		Never Neverland
14.		Mated
15.		I Saw the Light
16.		Zen Archer  *** brilliant! ***
17.		Lucky Guy    
18,		I Want You
19.		Dream Goes on Forever  ***  awesome!   ***
20.		Mystified
21.		One World

Halfway through, Todd was presented the GOLDEN LYRE Award by Joseph DiGero(sp?). This is some kind of humanity award. Former recipients: Milt Jackson, Tito Puente, Ravi Shankar, and Andreas Vollenweider.

TR's acceptance speech: "If you're going to be a lyre (pronounced liar), be a golden one!"