TODD RUNDGREN November 7, 1998

Club Caprice, Redondo Beach, California

by Lani Hanson

T-shirts of Tiki Tour, TR-TV & Horsehead and 5 song TR-TV CD's for sale ($10) in the lobby.

Todd wore matching shirt/pants in a soft rust/red, green Converse All Stars, his bone necklace, and his adorable smile.

After the initial explanation of this 12-day tour fitted around his talks in California and the East Coast, he asked for a volunteer from the audience who is a fast, touch-key typist, AND a Patronet subscriber, for the web portion of the show. Chuck M. was our local "lucky guy". TR: "Hey, Chucky, don't look at my password!" Chuck was up at the PowerMac most of the show -- great seat, dude!

Todd had a camera set up on a tripod and took a bunch of photos (360 degrees) of us in the audience, to upload to the Web. (At 1:00 a.m. in LA there's nothing there yet) TR: "There's a lot more people here than there are subscribers!" A large TV monitor was set up ready to play Incorrect Media videos which subscribers sent in.

1.	Lysistrata
2.	I Don't Want to Tie You Down
3.	Hammer in my Heart
4.	Cliche'
5.	Love of the Common Man  (broke a string on the accoustic, went for Jesse's
	"We're going on the web!  Can't stop me now, people!"

6.	Black & White    "Look at Chucky; his fingers are flyin'!"
7.	Tiny Demons
	(Someone requested The Wheel)    "Don't go requesting encore songs at the
beginning; I'll think I'm done!"
Todd headed to the piano. "As some of you know, this is my shibboleth." He told us about his neighbor, Bi-polar Bob, who begs to come in, just to listen to Todd practice the piano. "Why you rehearsing, man? You gotta feeeeeel it! You know Segovia, right? He doesn't practice, man; he just feeeeels it!" TR: "He really just wants to rap. Now, every time I go to the piano, I'm afraid Bob will show up!
8.	It Wouldn't Have Made any Difference   (when TR flubbed, he cried out,
TR: "Whoa! The first one of ev'ry tour --- that was a killer!"
9.	Song of the Viking		(more "Bob!"s)
10.	Compassion	(perfect delivery, Todd, and the servers pissed me off by
coming round to close up their tabs during the quietest part of the show so

11.	Free Male & 21
Todd brought out the ukelele ("ooo-kelele means 'jumping flea' in Hawai`ian") for
12.	Bang the Drum
"Whoa, the Chat's crashed! That NEVER happens in REAL life!"

TR: "Okay, I'm gonna bring out my partner in crime, Jesse Gress!" (In LOUD lime green pants and lime/orange palm tree striped shirt & black hi-top tennies)

13.	Never Neverland
14.	Mated
15.	I Saw the Light
16.	Love is the Answer
17.	Zen Archer       ("Schwing!" at the end)
TR: "No more Web TV; it's strictly music now"
18.	I Want You
19.	You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
20.	One World
21. Dream Goes on Forever
22. Hawking   (awesome finish)
Mahalo and aloha,

Lani Hanson