Intermedia Art Center - Hunstington, NY - 11/28/1998

by Kathleen Sands Boehmer

Hi all,

There isn't a whole lot to add to the reports from Russ and Josh about the Huntington show. It was a real "quickie." I think Todd was anxious to hightail it off the mainland. His voice was rough, but as Josh indicated, he seems to be compensating by doing some different kind of vocal techniques to disguise the gruffness when he can't reach those notes. It was effective for the most part.

I really enjoyed #1 Lowest Common Denominator and was mesmerized by his hands. I'll tell you, those hands are not your typical average hands. They were meant to play guitar. Oh, gosh, am I sounding like a star-gazing fool at this point? Hope not.

Other high points for me: There Goes My Inspiration and Tiny Demons were especially good as was his rousing One World as the encore. Todd was jumping up and down and exhibited a great deal of energy after such a laid back performance for the rest of the show.

Also enjoyed Todd's barbs at the folks in the audience who kept requesting songs throughout the set. Very early on he responded to one such request and said "Do I go to your job and tell you what to do? This is MY job.... Yeah, yeah, I'll go to your job and yell 'More mustard! More mustard!'"

As always, I had as much fun hanging with the fans before and after the show. Our long ride to "utopia" was entertaining due to great traveling companions...and breaking bread and drinking beer with everyone was a blast!

A special hello to Anne who I met for the first time on Saturday and a tip of the hat to the Charles Manson lookalike DJ at the bar who played Todd tunes that I requested.

So guys....let's hope there will soon be reason to yell in unison: ROAD TRIP!!!! I'll be there!