Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY - 11/24/1998

By Kristen Hilliard

Hi all,

The show was really great. the crowd was huge and although there was a constant hum of voices ( this was no Orpheum theatre crowd on best behavior), they did not take control of the show. I thought that they were kind of rude, but if they paid for the tix, at least the stop was worthwhile for Todd and for his fans...

Thanks so much to Cindy and Michelle. I got to sit in Cindy's chair, that she sweetly left empty for Michelle to offer to me.! Lucky guy that i am. And Lucky Guy Cindy!!! She got to hang out on stage. Cindy was so beautiful. She made me laugh. she looks over at Jesse, to check out his licks, she starts shaking her head to the music, grooving to it. Then she looks coolly over at Todd, shaking her head, grooving to the music and the experience. And you can tell she is totally happy to be there in that moment. It is so cool. And I am feeling how cool it would be to be in her stage seat. And i get an energy surge of peacefulness and blissfulness. And i know she is feeling that same energy rush and she is acting all together and laid back and cool. Just grooving to the music.

Todd !!! That voice is so beautiful to me. To me, there has always been this "near the edge" feeling about his voice. An almost painfulness when he goes for certain notes. Heck, that is how my voice feels when i go for some of the notes of his songs, stretched and painful! (maybe I'm projecting again!;)) Todd's voice sounded pretty smooth however on the 24th. Very smooth.

I thought he did a great job. And still as beautiful as ever.

All the good people attending the show. Faces start to seem familiar, like a Greatful Dead concert. In certain parts of the U.S., you see a lot of the same people, not that you even consciously noticed them, but after a few shows it seems that people seem familiar.

Well, those are some thoughts on the show.

Back to work work all i do is work...
Dr. Kristen