Ballard Firehouse - November 13, 1998

by Jerry Blakley

just a few notes about last night's show:

quite frankly the worst todd show i've ever witnessed. the show started late (10:15). once started, the theme of the show revolved around the net interface (which i dont have a problem with). when connection problems occurred it stalled the entire evening. after the first 45 minutes, todd had played a total of 4 songs. he seemed more concerned with connecting with his subscribers than the 250 people that forked out the $25 to actually see the man.

even when he played, the performance was marginal. many missed chords, many missed lines. todd laughed his way through many songs, but quite frankly, the joke was on us.

i've always been supported of todd's ventures, whether it be on disc/vinyl, or in person (concerts); for the first time in 20 years i'm questioning my loyalty.

dissapointed in seattle---jerry