Well, we're showing off, but here we are with a wizard, the true star, Todd Rundgren after his Nov. 7 concert at Club Caprice in Redondo Beach, CA. I (Larry) was fortunate enough to have a personal meeting with him before the show. I presented him with a small novelty model of the Carlsbad Caverns that he really enjoyed - in fact so much he made it part of his set!

We had a great time, and are very glad we went. Todd was staying in the room across to us in the hotel. We saw him going to his room Sunday morning, which gave us the opportunity to personally say goodbye to him when we were leaving! All that, and we met him after the show, too. He wished us a safe trip, and was glad to meet us! WOW! We are so happy! What a great 40th birthday! Many other great pix, but this was the best.
Larry & Karen Berg