Club Bene - South Amboy, NJ - 11/25/1998

by André Cholmondeley

well, i'm gonna dissent

- great fuckin show. good to hear these tunes stripped down, i've only seen some of em solo 2yrs back, the poughkeepsie show (hi josh!) which yielded the live "cast the 1st stone" on the ok-by-me-to-sell TRTV CD. Lotsa cool gifts, incl a beautiful sweater, a warm hello and welcome..a little wasted time (of course) on the computer connection... why are so many rubes in the audience, seemingly to complain.... what really pissed me off is the 2 women behind me- who would bitch & moan & kvetch every time he broke and spent 2 fuckin minutes or less on the TRTV stuff, then when he played a song, they would complain thru half of it!!! Idiots!! some choice stupid comments, nicely ignored by TR:

"Hey Todd, remember the old days ?!!"
"hey Todd, this isn't like 20 years ago!!?"

[no, you fucking genius - surprise, it's not 20 yrs ago!!. so stop masturbating, move out of mommys house, and get a job, you loser!!!]

..and on and on... but basically, after the first 30 mins or so - when he got the mac all set up right..all was well. Voice sounded great.. a couple cracks. very few mistake to these ears....musta worked 'em out on the earlier shows!!!

setlist...included -

too far gone (love it!!!!)
lucky guy
Bang (hawaiian)
I want you (bn)
wouldnt have made any dif
zen archer
hey! you've got 2 hide yer love away
i saw the light (bn)
can we still b friends (bn)
and more...

VERY nice crowd... much more filled up than the vg crowd at same locale feb 13 1998... and this time the dancefloor was opened up!!! great frigging idea... it sucks when you have to sit at tables at this joint. And the crowd really hung with him, as the night got better and more focussed, the hecklers ate dirt... and TR sounded better and better.... fave jokes, roughly paraphrased:

"welcome to south amboy, the most beautiful of all the amboys..!"

"get used to this look (glasses)... i'm dangerous behind the wheel without these things....."

"..what?? stratton's online??? ahhrghghr!! don't get him started"

etc, more funny stratton stuff...

"This joint", the club bene, however, SUCKS for not even having Todd on the marquee, visible to thousands of commuters on state highway 35 !!!! the marquee only listed Little Feat, who played there 4 days earlier.... timely guys. However, the southbd marquee did incl TR, right after the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that the Swing club was opening this week.... yikes.

BTW - who was that stenographer??? i bet you are online here.. i was too shy to come say hi after the show!! dammit - i love meeting people from the web, oh well.

anyway - go to a show!! see y'all at the 1999 tour..!??!