29/02/92 The Agora Cleaveland, OH Stars and Guitars benefit show
07/03/92 Bay Area Dance-A-Thon PA
02/04/92 New York, NY Press Conference
16/04/92 Chicago, IL.
17/04/92 Chicago, IL.
03/05/92 One Step Beyond Santa Clara, CA Utopia Redux
08/05/92 Gotanda Kani Hoken Hall Tokyo, Japan Utopia Redux
09/05/92 Gotanda Kani Hoken Hall Tokyo, Japan Utopia Redux
10/05/92 Gotanda Kani Hoken Hall Tokyo, Japan Utopia Redux
12/05/92 Denki Hall Fukuoka, Japan Utopia Redux
13/05/92 Sankei Hall Osaka, Japan Utopia Redux
15/05/92 Nagoya Kintro Kaikan Nagoya, Japan Utopia Redux
16/05/92 Penny Lane Sapporo, Japan Utopia Redux
18/05/92 Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan Utopia Redux
19/05/92 Los Angleles, CA Ringo press conference
27/05/92 Arsenio Hall Show.New York, NY With All Starrs
02/06/92 Sunrise Music Theatre Ft. Lauderdale, FL All Starr Show
03/06/92 Batfront Center St, Petersburg, FL.All Starr show
05/06/92 Walnut Creek Raleigh, NC All Starr show
06/06/92 Blockbuster Pavilion Charlotte, NC All Starr show
07/06/92 Chastain Park Ampitheatre Atlanta, GA.All Starr show
09/06/92 Riverbend Music Center Cincinati, OH.All Starr show
10/06/92 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH.All Starr show
12/06/92 Deer Creek Music Center Noblesville, IN.All Starr show
13/06/92 Poplar Creek Music Theatre Hoffman Estates, IL.All Starr show
15/06/92 Pine Knowb Music Theatre Clarkston, MI.All Starr show
16/06/92 Kingswood Music Theatre Maple, Canada All Starr show
17/06/92 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD.All Starr show
19/06/92 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY.All Starr show
20/06/92 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY.All Starr show
20/06/92 New Music Seminar New York, NY Lecturing
21/06/92 Garden State Arts Center Holmdel, NJ.All Starr show
21/06/92 New Music Seminar New York, NY Pannelist
22/06/92 Great Woods Ampitheatre Mansfield, MA.All Starr show
23/06/92 Jones Beach Theatre Wantagh, NY.All Starr show
25/06/92 Marcus AmpitheatreMilwaukee, WI.All Starr show
26/06/92 Riverport Ampitheatre St. Lois, MO.All Starr show
28/06/92 Starlight Theatre Kansas City, MO.All Starr show
02/07/92 Gottenburg All Starr Festival Gothenburg, Sweden.All Starr show
03/07/92 Dalarock Festival Hedomora, Sweden All Starr show
04/07/92 Christianahoff Cstle Malmo, Sweden All Starr show
06/07/92 Empire Theatre Liverpool, England All Starr show
07/07/92 Hammersmith Odeon London All Starr show
08/07/92 Le Zenith Paris, France All Starr show
10/07/92 StadtparkHamburg, Germany All Starr show
11/07/92 Stadion Bayrueth, Germany All Starr show
12/07/92 Fruenfeld Switzerland All Starr show
13/07/92 Montruex Jazz Festival Montruex, Switzerland All Starr show
15/07/92 Sommergarten Berlin, Germany All Starr show
17/07/92 Porl Jazz Festival Porl, Finland All Starr show
18/07/92 Valby Idretspark Copenhagen, Denmark All Starr show
19/07/92 Lisbterg Fruespark Arhus, Denmark All Starr show
20/07/92 Belga Beach Festival Belga Beach, Belgium All Starr show
22/07/92 Piazza Della Loggia Brescia, Italy All Starr show
23/07/92 Viareggio, Italy All Starr show
24/07/92 Foro Italico Rome, Italy All Starr show
01/08/92 Summer Music Theatre George, WA.All Starr show
03/08/92 Tahoe Lake Ampitheatre Tahoe, CA.All Starr show
04/08/92 Redwood Ampitheatre Santa Clara, CA.All Starr show
05/08/92 Concord Pavilion San Fransisco, CA.All Starr show
07/08/92 Mid-state Fair Paso Robles, CA.All Starr show
08/08/92 Camp Pendleton Oceanside, CA.All Starr show
09/08/92 Pacific Ampitheatre Costa Mesa, CA.All Starr show
11/08/92 Greak Ampitheatre Los Angeles, CA.All Starr show
12/08/92 Greak Ampitheatre Los Angeles, CA.All Starr show
13/08/92 Desert Sky Ampitheatre Phoenix, AZ.All Starr show
15/08/92 Austin Aquafest Austin, TX.All Starr show
16/08/92 On the river Festival Little Rock, AR.All Starr show
18/08/92 Starplex Ampitheatre Dallas, TX.All Starr show
20/08/92 Ohio State Fair Columbus, OH.All Starr show
21/08/92 Freedom Hall Lousville, KY.All Starr show
22/08/92 Iowa state fair Des Moines, IA.All Starr show
24/08/92 Star Lake Ampitheatre Pittsburgh, PA.All Starr show
25/08/92 Performing arts centre Rochester, NY.All Starr show
26/08/92 Saratoga Arts Festival Saratoga Springs, NY All Starr show
28/08/92 Waterloo Village Stanhope, NJ.All Starr show
04/09/92 Ceasers Palace Las Vegas, NV All Starr show
05/09/92 Ceasers Palace Las Vegas, NV All Starr show
06/09/92 Ceasers Palace Las Vegas, NV All Starr show
11/10/92 Shoreline Ampitheatre Mountain View, CA.bennefit Show
29/10/92 CD-I Two Conference Los Angeles, CA pannelist
17/11/92 Thomas and Mack Center Comdex Gala Las Vegas, NV.
28/11/92 Bimbo's 365 San Francisco, CA Jamming with 'Affordables - bennefit Gig
30/12/92 San Fransisco, CA.