03/04/86 Albany, NY guest with Cheap Trick
17/07/86 Late Night with David Letterman New York, NY.TV Broadcast
18/08/86 ACM Siggraph conference Dallas, TX course
22/11/86 New Georges San Fransisco, CA.Doornacher Benefit
07/12/86 Toads Place New Haven, CT.
09/12/86 The Ritz New York, NY.
10/12/86 The Bayou Washington, DC.
12/12/86 The Chance Pourghkeepsie, NY.
13/12/86 The Living Room Providence, RI.
14/12/86 The Paradise Boston, MA.
16/12/86 Trocederos Philadelphia, PA.
17/12/86 Autographs Forty Fort, PA.
26/12/86 The Uptown Kasas City, KS
27/12/86 The Westport St. Louis, MO.
28/12/86 The Guthrie Minneapolis, MN.
30/12/86 The Park West Chicago, IL.
31/12/86 The Park West Chicago, IL.