21/02/81 Saturday Night Live Performance New York, NY.
31/03/81 Susquehana, PA.
02/04/81 Richfield Collisium Cleaveland, OH.
03/04/81 Royal Oak Detroit, MI. 2 shows
04/04/81 Royal Oak Detroit, MI. 2 shows
06/04/81 Park West Chicago, IL.
07/04/81 Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL.
10/04/81 Millersville State Colleseum PA.
11/04/81 Palladium New York, NY
12/04/81 Landmark Theatre Syracuse, NY.
14/04/81 Okeefe Centre Toronto, Canada
15/04/81 Ritter Arena Rochester, NY.
16/04/81 Maxi Ice Arena Pottsdam, NY.
18/04/81 Midhudson Poughkeepsie, NY.
03/07/81 Helm Studios Woodstock, NY.
29/08/81 The Zoo Philedelphia, PA.
13/09/81 Rick Derringer benefit, Palladium New Yor, NY.
04/10/81 Millersville College Lancaster, PA.
23/09/81 Stoneybrook College Long Island.
02/11/81 Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA.
25/11/81 The Country Club Los Angeles, CA.
31/12/81 Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL.