POV Press Release


Passport records starts the new year off with a big, brash, bang with a revolutionary release from rock pioneers, Utopia.

POV is an album of brand new studio tracks cut at lead singer/guitarist, Todd Rundgren's state-of-the-art Utopia sound studios in Woodstock late last year. Their first new recording since last years Oblivion LP, POV was done over a period of three months, the most time the group has ever spent on a single recording project. This material is easily the cleanest and most direct Utopia has put out to date, boasting solid, distinctive melodies and strong, dancable rhythms.

In many ways POV harkens back to Rundgrens earlier works; songs like "Wildlife" and "Secret Society" have a sophisticated blue-eyed soul slant (a sound Todd helped hatch with his hometown buddies Hall & Oates WAY back when).
"Mystefied" and "Play this Game" are kick-ass rock tracks that would not have been out of place on Todd's seminal albums wth the Nazz. Other songs have a playful techno-pop feel, "Style" especially. The cassette of POV contains an extra track not on the LP.

One unique feature of POV is it is the first major relased presented with a cover executed on The Apple Macintosh computer. All titles, credits and jacket information are framed in Macintosh "windows," superimposed data displays which appear here just as they would on a computer display terminal.

Late in March, Utopia will set out on an extensive nationwide tour co- headlining with their cronies The Tunes (whose next LP, Piece By Piece, Rundgren recently finished producting).

Andy Miele
Director of Marketting