Twennie Little Known 'facts' about TR-I.
  1. The frantic, fast pased, comedy chase music used in 'The Benny Hill Show' was written by none other than Todd himself.
  2. As well as TR's tallents as a conventional singer/songwriter he is also an accomplished Yodeler and once made an album with Frank Ifield called 'The Yodeler of Mink Hollow'.
  3. Todd was, unnoficially, the first man on the moon. He flew there in 1807 in a makeshift 'space craft' made from Eggshells and seaweed, and powered by chocolate.
  4. The original Title of the 'Runt' album was 'Chicago 16'.
  5. Contrary to popular belief Todd DIDN'T dye his hair multicoloured in 1974, it actually went that colour overnight due to the shock of finding Mariah Carey's Diary in his Cutlerry drawer.
  6. Todd and Michael Jackson are one and the same, notice how they never get pictured together!
  7. Todd is actually living his life in reverse! He was born aged 96 and will ultimately pass away when he reaches none years old.
  8. Todd's real name is Bayden Powell, Todd Rundgren is just his stage name.
  9. The 'I' in TR-I stands for 'Igloo'.
  10. The song 'Piss Aaron' is actually about Sandra Bullock.
  11. Todd actually sang ALL of Nazz's releases, he only sounds different on his solo LP's because he had a voice transplant operation in 1969.
  12. TR's first number one hit single was 'I Swear' which he recorded under the psuedonym Boyz2men (which is in fact an anagram of Rundgren)
  13. There is a hidden message on the cover of AWATS. If you hold the LP cover about a foot away from your face and blink repeatedly you can see it. It says 'Put the kettle on mother I'm locked in the lavvy.' [btw-Lavvy is English for Toilet]
  14. Todds first wife was 80's television celebrity Mr. T.
  15. Todds big break came when a talent scout from SGC saw him rubbing onions on a cardinals leg and was duly impressed.
  16. Todd's favourite wood is Oak.
  17. Todd spins to a 'hu hu hu' when he chants for love.
  18. Contrary to popular belief Todd only earned 26 quid for his production work on Meatloafs 'From Your Arm To Your Heart' album.
  19. Todd's favourite guitarist is Pinochio.
  20. Todd's life was the inspiration behind the 'Star Wars' movie trilogy.