What Secret Society REALLY Means... There was talk at one time of the Utopia song 'Secret Society' being satanic. Of course I looked into this right away and here is a breakdown of why the lyrics to 'Secret Society' are Satanic...

When we were young they would break our hearts - Physically, in a sacrifice to Beelzebub if need be.

You and I had to go undercover - Big red covers, for the satanists amusement.

We knew in time we would be pulled apart - Physically, by two horses, in a sacrifice to Beelzebub if need be.

We found a way we could hold on to each other - By pledging ourselves as Satanists.

Gave our souls to another world - A World of Satanism.

Sealed in blood with a sacred vow - Pigs blood no doubt.

Now we've forgotten but beneath all this - all this pigs blood and stuff.

A part of you is still there now - One of your fingers, removed in a sacrifice to Beelzebub.

go on and sing - Satanic rites.

go on and dance - Around a fire.

it'll all come back if you just give it a chance - No meaning, it just rhymed.

Don't you remember me? - I was the one in the goat mask and red cloak.

We had a secret society - of satanists.

Refresh your memory - drink some more goat blood

We were the secret society - of satanists.

I never see you in the waking world - 'cos our satanic eyes can't handle light.

We make an effort to avoid each other - because otherwise people would realise we were evil.

But every night we penetrate the veil - the RED veil, the EVIL veil.

Where everybody acts like sister and brother - Sisters and Brothers in Satan.

You never speak the words in broad daylight - 'cos the police might find out.

They're much too delicate and too naive - 'cos the police might find out and your friends would take the piss.

But everybody's been a witness sometime - A witness to the power of satan

It doesn't change it if you don't believe - Satan is master whether you believe it or not, and anyways we can brainwash you if we need to.


btw - There's an out-take version of Tiny Demons with the lyrics 'one of them makes me sacrifice goats, one of them makes me kill people randomly' FACT!

btw - There's an out-take version of 'Road to Utopia' with the lyrics 'I slaughter goats until my hands are sore, I rest a minute then I kill some more' FACT!

btw - There's an out-take version of We Gotta Get You a Woman with the lyrics 'Leroy, Boy, is that you, I thought your Goat hanging days were through' FACT!

This proves without doubt that our man Todd is associated with the seedy underworld of Satanism - or maybe it's just me!