T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   G U I D E

Q: Why won't the CD mount on my computer?

A1: Check to make sure you have installed multisession compatible
drivers for your CD drive. 

A2: It takes longer to mount a multisession CD than a regular CD-ROM, so
make sure you giving the disc enough time to mount.  It is not unusual
for the mounting to take as much as 40 seconds. 

A3: If you have installed multisession compatible drivers and you are
still unable to mount "The Individualist," it is possible that there is
something inherent in your CD device which makes it incompatible. 
Contact your CD-ROM drive manufacturer for details. 

Q: The computer songs seem to run correctly, but the music that plays
back is completely out of sync with the song.  What's going on?

A1: If you notice that the music is extremely out of sync with the
computer playback (such as selecting a song that the computer starts,
but the audio plays a completely different song), it suggests that your
CD-ROM drive is not 100% multisession compatible.  Since it is possible
that your hardware manufacturer has an upgrade for your drive contact
them for further information. 

A2: The accuracy of the sync between the music and the animation's is a
factor of the speed of the processor that your computer uses.  The
slower your machine, the less exact the synchronization will be between
the animation's and the music. 

Q: Why does the Redbook audio play incorrectly or inconsistently when
each song experience begins?

A: Your CD-ROM drive most likely is not 100% ECD compatible.  Contact
your hardware manufacturer and verify that your drive meets the Enhanced
CD compatibility standard issued by RIAA. 

Q: Why is a song experience skipped ?

A: Song experiences may fail to run because of low memory conditions. 
Try turning off extensions to give the application more memory. 

Q: Where do I get updated CD-ROM drivers?

For Macintosh users you can download the latest Apple Driver software
from a variety of on-line sources:

To find the Enhanced CD drivers on AOL, look for the file:
Macintosh CD-ROM Setup 5.1.1
LIBRARY:   MDV/From Apple/Apple Utilities
KEYWORDS:  system hardware cd rom cdrom setup"
To find the Enhanced CD drivers on Compuserve look in:
Forum Name: MACDEV                 
Library: Apple System Files"
To find the Enhanced CD drivers on eWorld, follow the path:
Computer Center
Apple Customer Center
Apple Technical Support
USA Apple Software Updates
Display and Peripheral Software

On the Internet go to
http://www.info.apple.com and follow the path:
[Apple Support Area]
[Apple Software Updates]
[Display and Peripheral]
CD-ROM_Setup_5.1.1.sea.hqx (or newer)

The path for FTP is:


Q: How do I adjust the Individualist application memory usage?

A: To change the Individualist Applications memory usage to use Get Info
(I) in the Finder on the Individualist application file.  This will open
a dialog that allows you to set the minimum and preferred size that the
application will use.  You may want to adjust the memory usage if there
is more that 8Mbytes of RAM in the computer. 


Q: How come I can't hear the CD audio when I use the "The

A: If you are not hearing audio when the Individualist title screen
comes up then make sure to check that the Sound Control Panel is set
correctly.  You need to go to the pop-up menu and select Sound Input,
there you need to click on the "Built-In" icon and then click the
"Options" button.  Then you need to select the input source.  If you
have an internal CD-ROM player, select the Internal CD icon and check
the playthrough.  If you have an external CD-ROM Player make sure it is
properly cabled to the external sound input jack and then select
external input and playthrough.  Otherwise if your Mac has no external
sound input jack then you should connect speakers directly to the
earphone jack or line out jacks of your CD-Player. 

Q: How do I adjust the overall volume and balance of my CD audio and
computer audio?

A: Use the Sound Manager Control panel and adjust the Volumes sub-panel. 

Q: I have a external CD-ROM drive.  How can I make it so I hear the CD
audio and computer audio through the same speakers?

A: The highest quality approach is to use an external mixer than can
combine at least 2 sources of audio together into one output.  If you
already have an external mixer, we will assume you know how to use it. 
If you wish to purchase a quality external audio mixer, we would suggest
visiting you local musical equipment store. 


Q: How do I install Quicktime 2.1 and Sound Manger 3.1?

To Install QuickTime 2.1, Sound Manager 3.1, the QuickTime PowerPlug
(required only for Power Macintoshes), and the Sound control panel
follow these steps:

- Open folder on the Individualist called the Sound Manager 3.1
- Select the files in Sound Manager 3.1 folder above.
- Drag these files to system folder and click OK to install extensions and control panels in proper  locations.
- Drag the Apple CD Audio Player to the Apple Menu Items folder and replace the old Apple Audio player if there is one.
- Open folder on the Individualist called the Quicktime 2.1
- Select the files in Quicktime 2.1 folder above.
- Drag these files to System folder and click OK to install extensions and control panels in proper  locations.

If you get an error message that says: "You cannot replace the system
extension "QuickTimeČ" because it is in use." you will need to drag the
older version of QuickTime out of your System folder onto the desktop. 
Once you have done this, drag QuickTime 2.1 into the extensions folder
inside your System folder.  Restart your computer. 

Q: How can I improve video playback? 

A: The video playback takes most of the processing power of your
computer.  Turn off things like file sharing, virtual memory.  You can
also improve performance by turning off AppleTalk using the Chooser (but
don't forget to turn it back on or you won't be able to print).  Other
things such as using internal video versus a NuBus card can affect video
performance.  Also The video that is include with "The Individualist"
uses compressed 16 bit audio so if there are performance problems with
the video, see that the audio is set up properly in the section above. 

W H E N  A L L  E L S E  F A I L S

Restart your computer and try again.  This seems to help more often than
you might think.  If you are still not getting anywhere you can send
e-mail to the addresses listed in the manual and we will do what we can
to help.