Q: Why won't the CD mount on my computer?

A1: Check to make sure you have installed multisession compatible drivers for your CD drive.

A2: It takes longer to mount a multisession CD than a regular CD-ROM, so make sure you giving the disc enough time to mount. It is not unusual for the mounting to take approximately 30 seconds.

A3: If you have installed multisession compatible drivers and you are still unable to mount The Individualist it is possible that there is something inherent in your CD device which makes it incompatible. Contact your CD-ROM drive manufacturer.

Q: Where do I get updated CD-ROM drivers?

A: You can get driver software from the CD-ROM drive manufacturer. Windows 95 contains some updated driver software and new features designed especially for Enhanced Audio CDs. Other Enhanced CDs that sell for a for a higher price are packaged with software that upgrades your CD-ROM drivers .

Q: When I start The Individualist I get an alert that says something is wrong. What does the number in the alert mean?

A: If you receive an error right when you start up The Individualist, then something is wrong with the CD device. The number that is displayed in the startup alert points to a specific MCI related problem. See the MCI RELATED QUESTIONS below for more information.


Q: What does error #263 mean?

A: This most likely indicates that the MCI CD driver (mcicda.drv) has not been pro

perly installed. See below for instructions on installing the MCI CD driver.

Q: What does error #266 mean?

A1: This most likely indicates that the MCI CD driver (mcicda.drv) has not been properly installed. See below for instructions on installing the MCI CD driver.

A2: This could be an indication that you CD-ROM drive is having difficulty mounting the disk. See the question on mounting the CD under the GENERAL USE QUESTIONS above.

Q: It seems that my MCI CD driver is not installed. How do I do this?

A: Under Windows 3.1, perform the following instructions:

1) Run Control Panel and choose the Drivers icon.
2) Check the list of Installed Drivers in the Drivers dialog box.
3) If the [MCI] CD-Audio driver is not listed, choose the Add button and install the driver. You will be prompted for a particular disk from your Windows setup disks.
4) Restart your computer after installing the driver.
5) After restarting, visually check to see that the MCI driver was installed. In File Manager, look for the MCI driver in this path; C:\Windows\System\mcida.drv
6) In your SYSTEM.INI file in the [MCI] section, you should see a device assignment such as - cdaudio=mcicda.drv


Q: How do I adjust the overall volume and balance of my CD audio and computer audio?

A1: On Windows 95 use the built-in Volume Control. You can access this app quickly by double clicking on the small speaker icon on the far right side of the Taskbar, or alternatively, navigate to the app by following the Taskbar menu convention - [ START | PROGRAMS | ACCESSORIES | MULTIMEDIA | VOLUME CONTROL ].

A2: On Window 3.1, almost all sound cards are controlled by a utility application that was installed with the software for the particular card. For a Sound Blaster card, the application might be named something like SB, SB16, or BLASTER. Usually, a name is used for the application that is similar to the name of the sound card.

Q: I have a CD-ROM drive that is connected external to my computer. How can I make it so I hear the CD audio and computer audio through the same speakers?

A1: The most common method of mixing the sound from an external CD-ROM drive into the computer is to use the LINE-IN input jack on the back of your Sound Blaster (or compatible) card. This necessitates the use of an audio cable that connects the audio outputs of your CD drive (RCA female connectors) to the LINE-IN input jack (1/8 stereo male connector). The Individualist cannot directly control the volume of a CD connected through the LINE-IN jack on the sound card, so you will need to use the software mixer to control the initial levels (see previous question).

A2: The highest quality approach is to use an external mixer that can combine at least 2 sources of audio together into one output. If you already have an external mixer, we will assume you know how to use it. If you wish to purchase a quality external audio mixer, we would suggest visiting you local musical equipment store.


Q: Why does my PC Hang or generate a General Protection Fault when I select the Song Experience Cast the First Stone?

A: These are most commonly Video driver related issues. Contact your hardware manufacturer and verify you have the latest Video drivers installed.

Q: Why are song experience skipped?

A: If you have a low memory condition then a song experience may fail to load and be skipped.