Date sent:        Sat, 3 Feb 1996 18:56:33 -0800
From:             Liz Wilkinson  
Subject:          New "I" CD-e Discovery (long)

Hi everyone,

I found out, after installing Brian Eno's Headcandy, that I could no
longer run the "I" CDe.  I got the same error message alot of you have
gotten .  .  .  that I need an updated video driver, and got sound with
no graphics.  That was an incorrect message since I've been running it
for months now on the exact same system. 

Here's what happened: When I installed Headcandy, it didn't give me an
option NOT to install Quicktime, so I assumed it was a later version
than on the "I" (& I that I must need it to run the program), but it
wasn't.  I tried erasing the earlier ver & reinstalling QT from the "I"
CDe, but no go.  Evidentally, it changed something in my .ini files that
wouldn't go away with the re-installation (& everything else I tried). 

So, what *I've* been doing with *my* spare time is totally erasing
Windows and everything related to the problem and reinstalling & setting
up it all again.  After I got the "I" back running again, did I dare
reinstall Headcandy? Yes! But, when it said I need to install QT, I
chose EXIT.  It said it wasn't installed properly & may not run
correctly, etc.  BUT .  .  .  I am currently able to run both programs. 

In conclusion, this experience tends to make me think some of the video
driver error messages, could be caused by other things, like software
conflicts, and not necessarily the "I" disk itself.  If anyone who
hasn't been able to get it running doesn't mind going through what I
just did, you *might* be able to run it afterall.  Just start off with
nothing but freshly installed Windows (I'm running 3.1), add the bare
essentials: Sound Blaster compatible sound card and 640x480 256-color
display driver, and *see* if it will run.  'Twould be interesting if
some of you who haven't been able to run it, *could* run it under these
Had I installed Headcandy first, I would've never known the difference,
I would have just believed that error message that said I needed an
updated video driver in order to run the "I" CDe.  Or maybe that's just
my karma for bitchin' about the sound quality of Headcandy!! :~) #FIVE