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Animated Song Experience

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Animated Song Experience

- Clicking on this button moves you to the Animated Song Experience menu. Use the Song Experience Selector to move to one of 10 Song experiences. You can grab the wheel by click-dragging to change its speed. Stop the wheel with a single click. When the sample images for each song experience pass by the Song Picker they cause the song name to change. You can then click on the song name indicator to add the song to the play list. Click on "Clear Playlist" to begin a new Playlist.

Song Experience

- Family Values, Tables will Turn, Expresso and Woman's World - These songs use the revolutionary new 'Virtual Video technology that has been choreographed to move with the music. Both Expresso and Woman's World are interactive you can click and drag mouse around scene to explore virtual enviroment. ***************************************************************************

Animated Song Experience menu picture (37K)

My Screen Captures follow

I have screen captured approximately 60 screens for your viewing pleasure - but HEY! - this is a tiny tiny selection, and to do the CDe justice - get out there any buy it - NOW!

1. Tables Will Turn

2. If Not Now.When?

3. Family Values

4. The Ultimate Crime

5. Expresso (All Jacked Up)

6. The Individualist

7. Cast The First Stone

8. Beloved Infadel

9. Temporary Sanity

10. Woman's World

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