Wussup with Todd?

Todd's been up to a lot lately, just as he has his whole musical career. Right now, Todd is probably somewhere in Hawaii, fixing up his home and recording facility/interactive haven.

Some of his projects include

"The Individualist", Todd's latest "database" of music (formally known as an "album") is on shelves at both software stores and music stores. This is no ordinary release, as it is only being released on the new CD-e format. Various conflicts have resulted in a delayed release, but it is finally out! For a short tour, try the Individualist Virtual Tour. This is his 31st recording! Also late fall promises the same release on the Interactive disc format. If you'd like an example of true interactive music, look for No World Order on this format for the PC or Mac.

1995 World Tour for the Individualist. This tour went from June 8, 1995 to August 27, 1995. This was very much a rockin' tour. Won't soon be forgotten! The TR-i Temporary Sanity Refuge has some pictures of one of the Houston, Texas shows.

Consultant to CompuServe on interactive music and the originator and manager of the IMusic Forum. If you have access to CompuServe, check it out!

Developer of Time Warner's FSN's interactive music department. The Magic Music Store lets consumers buy music from their own homes with the interactive programming features developed by Todd.

Producer and announcer for the weekly syndicated radio show, The Difference. This show is from United Stations and can be heard on various stations throughout the country.

Computer programmer for own company: Utopia Grokware. Teamed with fellow wizard David Levine, they created "Music For the Eye", a artistic change for your computer.