The Occasional TR News - #20000615

One Long Year aptly sums up the time between issues of "The Occasional TR News" as the last issue was sent in July 1999! Needless to say, a few things have happened (or not) since then.

New CD

"One Long Year" is the title of Todd's newest CD, to be released June 20 on Artemis Records. It's the culmination of his Patronet "year" 1 releases and includes
1. I Hate My Frickin' ISP
2. Buffalo Grass
3. Jerk
4. Bang On The Ukulele Daily (live)
5. Where Does The Time Go?
6. Love Of The Common Man
7. Mary And The Holy Ghost
8. Yer Fast (And I Like It)
9. Hit Me Like A Train
10. The Surf Talks
Patronet subscribers have already begun to receive their advance copies, and a Japan-issued version was released last month. I'm unaware of when there will be versions available in other parts of the world.

For a limited time, you can hear the cd online at

A review appears in La Caņada Online at

New Tour

Todd, Kasim Sulton and drummer Trey Sabatelli are in the midst of a US tour, performing as a "Power Trio." Unfortunately, as this tour goes, the Southern US has not been included, and there is no word of any international touring. However, the show is great! The tour schedule, plus reviews and pictures, are at

The tour will also include stopovers for appearances on two US late night television shows. On June 21 the TR-io will appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC) and on August 3, The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS).

At least one show (in San Francisco) was videotaped for possible future release. If it does make it out, watch for yours truly in the audience...


January, April 15, June 1. All dates for the grand reopening of Todd's New! Improved! Patronet service. The latest looks like it will be sometime this month. Stay Tuned!

Todd spent much of the last year working on a new interactive interface called "The Interocitor" which will replace the familiar TRTV interface. The whole Patronet experience is now part of a larger site called ArtistEnt, which features other artists as well.

Fan Gatherings

At least two separate US fan gatherings are scheduled for this summer. The 2nd annual New England Todd Fest will be held in Petersborough, New Hampshire on Saturday, July 29. If you live or plan on visiting the US East Coast this summer, contact Russ Monaghan at

ToddFest/West will hold its 6th annual gathering in Campbell, California on August 26. More information can be found at


Todd completed production with Minneapolis-based 12Rods, whose CD "Separation Anxieties" will also be released on June 20. Bad Religion's new TR-produced CD "The New America" is now out and sounds great! Last year's production "Halfway Down The Sky" from Splender is still making waves and getting airplay for a couple of tracks on alternative stations.

Other News

To keep on top of the latest news, I've added a News features to the TR Connection.

Wait another year? I hope the next issue of The Occasional TR News will be out before that! See you next time.

-- Roger Linder, Administrator
The International Todd Rundgren Fan Database