The Occasional TR News - #19990709

It's been a couple of months since the premier issue, so I suppose it's about time #2 came out. There's really only a little bit of news, but I'll try to stretch it out to make a complete issue :)


The 1/2 Twisted tour of June 1999 has come and gone. Reviews were mixed (see reviews and photos at but generally folks enjoyed hearing the new toons and rarely-performed older material. When another tour is scheduled, you'll find info at

If you're not already aware, the new tunes performed were "The Surf Talks" and "Hit Me Like A Train", which are available for listening on Todd's site In addition, "The Surf Talks" is also on at

Todd's also been selling "TRTV Vol. 1" at the shows as a promotional vehicle for his PatroNet service. It contains the new material, as well as some older rarities. Plus, all the software you need to run the TRTV demo. It's not available anywhere else at the moment, and you may want to consider becoming a "patron". Details at


The Todd-produced Splender CD "Halfway Down The Sky" is now out, and early reviews have been favorable. Unfortunately, I haven't snagged myself a copy yet (a condition which I must correct soon), so I can't tell you from personal experience. You can judge for yourself from samples at their web site:

Todd's coming off a production hiatus, it seems. He now has three more lined up: Bad Religion, 12 Rods and Michael Gallagher. According to hearsay, 12 Rods is in Hawaii recording as I write. Bad Religion is due to begin in September.


Aside from Todd's own TRTV Vol. 1 & 2 which have been delivered to PatroNet patrons, two live/re-issue efforts are underway. In Japan, Nippon Crown has released limited editions of "Live in Tokyo '79", "Live in NYC '78" and "Live in Chicago 1991". The sound quality is said to be outstanding from these shows. And in the UK, Castle Music continues to re-issue the Bearsville collection. Todd's complete catalog from "Runt" through "The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect" is now available. Castle will begin releasing Utopia's catalog in August. If you're interested in any of these import titles, check out Toby Thomas' Silver Moon Music at

Unfortunately, it appears that "Nearly Human", "2nd Wind", "No World Order" and "No World Order Lite" are all currently out of print, as well as Utopia's self-titled CD (the "Network" one) so if you're looking for these and find them, better snag a copy, 'cause they're gonna get even harder to find. Perhaps Rhino will once again come to the rescue, as they did with "Oblivion, POV and some Trivia."

Other Appearances

Todd was scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the Interactive Music Xpo in New York City on Tuesday, August 10th. Unfortuntely, due to his production schedule about that time, he's had to cancel.
Well, that about wraps it up for this issue. Keep on top of all TR news by visiting the Todd Rundgren Connection. I try to have new stuff posted there several times a week.

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