"I have put together a TR page for viewing with www software (Mosaic, Lynx, etc.)."
With those simple words, I premiered the TR Connection web site on June 2, 1994, the first one devoted to TR & Utopia. The original page probably occupied about 10KB of disk space on my office server and linked to a few pictures, lyrics and gopher sites that I'd found. Now, with over 1,500,000 visits under its belt, it has grown to occupy over 650MB. Thank you all for your support, contributions and good words. Special thanks to original contributors Scott Sheppard, Michael Lamoureux and Frank Bubnick, to Ed Grieze for making it all possible by starting the awizard list, and to Andy Burnett at roadkill.com for keeping it alive in its second incarnation.

Todd - 1999

The Todd Rundgren Connection is proud to be considered by many visitors to be the #1 source for Todd Rundgren information. It debuted on June 2, 1994, and has grown significantly in the time since, with hundreds of visits daily. It is edited and maintained by Roger Linder, a Todd fan since the early 1970s.

The TR Connection (as it is also known) is not a commercially-sponsored site, and does not exist for advertising revenue. Information contributions and other content are generously provided by Todd's many fans worldwide.

In addition, and in conjuction with the web site, The TR Connection offers the following: