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The reworked N.W.O. shows (MINNEAPOLIS FIRST AVENUE 11/22/93, CHICAGO PARK WEST 11/23/93, CHICAGO PARK WEST 11/24/93, CHICAGO PARK WEST 11/28/93, MILWAUKEE THE RAVE 11/27/93) are shows that were recorded slow and sped up to natural speed (you could not have been able to tell, believe me!). These notations are here to distinguish these for those familiar with the slow versions.
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A Perfect quality from the source, no audiences, no cuts/splices
A- Excellent, near perfect, clear, good depth, few gens away
B+ Very solid top quality tape, minor imperfections,if any
B Good, well above average sound quality (excellent audience)
B- Above average w/a few flaws in factors below (good audience)
C+ Decent, listenable, more serious flaws (average audience tape)
C Most are audience, still listenable w/perhaps muddy sound, etc
C- Almost exclusively audience, big flaws, can be painful at times
D+ Identifiable only b/c we know how it should go; won't get converts
D Merely a place holder, almost not worth the tape it's on
D- Worthless with some moments of illusion or sentimental value
F No excuse-could be Todd or anyone?-we can't tell by listening

These ratings are a result of my impression of:

  1. Overall sound quality
  2. Volume level and condition

General B.S.

As you know, all ratings are subjective. If you are interested or have questions, etc. please feel free to contact me at the address or phone listed below. I prefer to trade even up, but am willing to trade for blanks, copy, etc... as long as it's fair. I want to make it clear that I do not, never have and never will sell any item on this list. I prefer to receive TDK SA90s or Maxell XLIIs and always send tapes out on these but if unavailable: like quality. Please refrain from sending tapes longer than 90 minutes. As for video, I do have a good bit, but I cannot dub at the present time. I also have a large amount of collectibles (LPs, etc by related bands that Todd played on or produced, solo albums, posters, etc) I make it my policy (as do most other honorable folks) not to copy anything that is available in the stores or on PatroNet. This, in effect, helps to protect the income flow to the main man. If you want to trade or sell other items (45s, LPs, posters, etc.), I would welcome your list of these as well. I am always looking to expand the above list and my collection in general with quality stuff. Hope to hear from you soon. I am looking for a copy of Special Interest 45. Please help, thanks.

This list is effective as of 12/2/1998.

Email :
ANTHONY ROGERS: RT 4 BOX 204 KEYSER WV 26726 304 788 2753